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February 27, 2013

I Guess I Do
Wednesday. To bed after nine, no problem there, up with the alarm at six to head off to breakfast and back on another sunny morning.

Later. An hour's nap. That seems about right, an additional hour is needed if I get up at six with the alarm, so we'll just go with it. A walk over to the lake to sit for a while at a bench and then to walk on and sit for a while at another bench. Old man sitting with his camera on a bench. What the hell, it's true, might as well not flinch.

The neurologist asked if bright light tended to cause any of the ocular associated problems and I mentioned going out in the bright sun in the mornings as often as not would bring on a kind of tipsy feeling, my world collapsed inside a bubble with an associated slight case of double vision, this lasting perhaps thirty to forty-five minutes. Which is why I returned to the apartment.

After lying down for a while I got up without any of the earlier symptoms (being inside away from the bright sun, maybe?), some thought, now that I've had my afternoon meds, of picking up the guitar. I'm curious to see if I do.

Later still. Well, I did (pick of the guitar) and I did run through the lesson, but we're still not altogether there when we run through the lesson, we still put down the guitar to get up and look at the computer, come back and pick up the guitar to get up again to watch television, the guitar sitting in its stand. We're not doing well.

Which means?

I'm thinking of taking time off, maybe just learning a song or two on my own in the interim, see how it goes. Have I reached a point where I won't be playing the guitar anymore, I don't know, but the thought has occurred. I'm far from ready to let that happen.

Evening. I mentioned I'd watched the first five or so chapters of a French police-prosecutor-procedural thing called Spiral and then managed to miss seeing the last chapter or chapters, but that they'd started the series all over again right after that first run and I've been watching this second showing since. Well, the first of those “missed” chapters played this evening and I'm similarly impressed by the number of double crossing, crooked and thoroughly rotten individuals they've managed to stuff into it.

Who do I sympathize with in this damned thing? None of the prosecutors, police (with one or two possible exceptions), politicians or lawyers are worth ten cents. Money and power and seducing (then killing) young women seem to be the main advertisements.

Yet you watch.

Perhaps because it is indeed at least to me something different, an outlier I've not run into before, something way off the current mainstream content, but not something I'd want to watch twice. Or pick up on a sequel.

Yet you watch.

Well, I guess I do.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco 2013 Chinese New Year Parade with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.