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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


February 10, 2017


Saturday. Lights out as noted just after nine to awaken then just before six to get up while listening to the news and prepare to set out for breakfast on another clear, they're saying to be cooler, but clear and sunny day. OK, the eyes watered a bit but the nose generally behaved while walking and noted the waiter who was opening the restaurant was entering the front door as I approached. Which is good. No fun standing around in the dark waiting. One picture of the usual subject while walking, fumbling to take the camera out from under the jacket and blurring the photograph even at 1/250th of a second as I took the shot.

The fumbling photographer.

Fumbling, stumbling, we're adding all kinds of descriptions to our resumé these days.

The French toast with sliced bananas and strawberries, fruit cup and coffee for breakfast, again after sitting for a while and thinking about what's it to be before I realized the French toast sounded better than anything else. No complaints. The day is starting well.

The usual pictures walking home, the sun bright, the day warm while thinking it cooler than these recent mornings, but that could have been colored by my having read the weather forecasts. We'll see if it's really going to be cooler today or if it makes a difference.

Later. Managed to talk myself over to the lake, still chicken and so carrying a camera in a backpack, taking it out immediately after I'd arrived as the area was crowded with people walking and running the lake perimeter and a group of drummers were drumming in support of three dancers who were working out in costume. The drumming has been going on now every weekend from later mornings into the evenings, the sound coming through clearly here in the apartment.

Didn't take the time required to get better pictures. They were there, better pictures, I just wasn't up for the effort needed to get them. Still, got my butt out the door, got in some small amount of exercise and at least took some pictures. Success. Of a sort.

We're moaning and groaning again.

I'm not upset, but I'm looking at what I've been doing and recognizing it for what it is. Goofing off, idling, not making the time required to get more interesting (to me) pictures. I'm guessing if it were more upsetting to me I'd do something about it.

Evening. The pasta I'd ordered finally arrived with the mail at six in the evening. I'd watched a couple of things on the tablet until eight and then checked out something called The Brokenwood Mysteries (chapter 11), an Australian series on PBS. Hard to follow due to the accents and my somewhat less functional ears.

Not to mention writing here while it's playing out of sight in the living room.

Then maybe it's not the ears.

Taken while walking home from breakfast this morning with a Nikon 1 V 1 camera mounted with a 32mm f 1.2 Nikkor 1 lens.