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Here In Oakland

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February 8, 2020


Saturday. Lights out at nine-thirty last night to sleep straight through until five minutes to six to get up and set out for breakfast on an overcast close to foggy morning, the temperature under the clouds pretty good and so not all that much trouble with the eyes watering and such. Arrived before seven to find the restaurant had just opened and so turned on the dining area lights and settled in with the papers.

The two strips of bacon, scrambled eggs, country potatoes, toast, fruit cup and coffee this time, finishing up the papers as it approached nine and setting out under somewhat clearer skies to take pictures of two different flowers in the two sidewalk planters, of a Lyft scooter by the lake and then the usual selfie in the apartment house lobby on my way to wrestle with yesterday's journal entry I hadn't touched since the afternoon, still needing to process the pictures I'd taken in the later afternoon at the construction site just up the street.

The San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade this evening. Will I go? I suspect not, but there's a little voice that argues I should, if only to see how it works out. Tired? Fuzzy headed? How many excuses can I assemble to keep me here inside.

You didn't go last year.

Or the year before that.

Later. A walk to the Lakeshore ATM and back, taking a camera in the backpack, but ended up not taking any pictures. Tired for a while after I'd returned thinking I need to do something like this every day, thinking about it in a way that made me realize I might be serious. I'm obviously not going to go to San Francisco to shoot the New Year Parade later today, but maybe a month or so of daily walking might bring enough energy back to cover other closer events. Then again, maybe not.

Watched the PGA golf tournament until three, cooked up some lunch and then crashed with he tablet. Be curious if we blow this walking thing off tomorrow, particularly as I'll be driving rather than of walking to breakfast.

Evening. Nothing on television I wanted to watch and so to bed before nine to try one or two things on the tablet with lights out not long after nine. I did check out the Chinese New Year Parade on television just to see what I'd missed, although I always finish shooting and leave just as it starts. Not a bad day, although writing this in the morning, I'm not quite sure I remember exactly how it all worked out.

Should we be concerned? Can't remember how things went the morning after?

Well, a decent enough day, it's just difficult to sort out how it may have been different as all our days these days tend to blend one into another.

The 2017 San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade taken with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.