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Under Construction
A photo session in Emeryville

January 30th, 2006

Keep At It
Monday. The small umbrellas and tripod brackets arrived today from B & H Photo and I shall play with them this week to see if they won't allow me to replace these larger-heavier-harder to move studio lights I have cluttering up my living room when all I want to do is shoot a portrait. I see this as progress. No, really. Non-portrait shooters may not be as impressed. Non-photographers may have already slipped out the back door. Still, a good end for a rainy day in Oakland.

My upper palate and sinuses have been acting more weirdly than normal and I'm thinking of making another appointment with another neurologist for another opinion. Dampens the enthusiasm for the world around you, this head business, let me tell you. Life on the old fart's express. A pain in the, um, molars. Still, if it continues at this level, it will not be good. Not for pain or soreness, which aren't that severe, but for the disorientation and the urge to hunker down and stay inside. Hard to say what it's about; hard to say what it's about now for over three years.

Has it been three years?

I think it was three years last summer, but I don't have the ambition or the energy to search the journal to track it down.

Wednesday. Well, the head has backed off, a couple of Ibuprofen before leaving this morning, two more after lunch around two, a lot of work in Photoshop with the photographs this evening from the studio session on Saturday, thinking, well, how do I feel about this image, that image, coming to grips with a different way to shoot. Can I figure out how to make this work? We'll see. Take the time to learn, take the time to sleep on it and let the old subconscious sort it out. Or is that not a useful way to describe the process? Doesn't matter. Keep at it (he said).

The photograph was taken at a studio in Emeryville with a Nikon D2x mounted with a 17-55mm f 2.8 Nikkor lens at 1/160th second, f 6.3 and ISO 100.