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January 5, 2010

Being Extravagant
Tuesday. The difference between feeling (very, very) tired and feeling, well, rather perky last evening was a revelation. I almost got it together to hang some more pictures in the bedroom, fill in those one or two blank spaces I've had staring at me for the last year, the framed prints themselves sitting along the baseboard looking up at me in confused amazement. He goes through the effort to do the framing and then craps out for lack of a couple of nails and a hammer?

It's carried through to this morning. How nice. Up a bit later, after a good eight hours sleep, a walk down to have breakfast at the usual place, a bus then downtown to have a haircut, a cup of coffee at the Madrid Café to wait on a bus back home. A good piece of territory covered for a morning, don't you think? There'd been some thought to meet one of the usual crew and one of the unusual crew for lunch later in San Francisco, but that doesn't seem to have jelled, maybe cool out a bit here at the apartment until the urge for a walk strikes. Which it will. Which it will.

Later. Maybe that trip downtown for a haircut satisfied my need for a walk. Standing in my apartment lobby I thought about going out (for a walk) versus getting in the car and driving to the supermarket for cheese, crackers, orange juice, milk and cereal. The supermarket won out with the addition of sake to the shopping list. One does not buy cheese and crackers without sake. Actually, that's not true, I don't think there's much correlation between the two out there in the wider universe except here, in my own little world, but that's indeed what I bought, returning to the apartment to eat the cheese with some of the crackers. The cheese, something called Primo Taglio French Swiss, was basically tasteless and hardly worth the effort (or the calories). The sake will wait for later this evening if I'm in the mood.

Still, the news playing in the background, there are many things a young man can do to keep himself amused on a sunny afternoon in January. The December images are backed up, but not all of them have been entered and catalogued in Lightroom. Yes, I've decided on Lightroom for tracking my photographs. Made by Adobe, it obviously integrates well with PhotoShop and PhotoShop is not going away as my image editor. So I'll learn more about Lightroom this afternoon and, if learning about Lightroom again proves impossible, I'll allow myself to be diverted by tackling one of the entries on my list of twenty-one tasks to be accomplished this month. Well, this year. Devious, no?

You mentioned the list, but not what's on the list.

One of the items on the list was to back up my December images. Another, to process those last rolls of black and white film sitting inside developing tanks in my closet. There are others on the list less onerous. Best to have less onerous items on your list for those times you when you just can't face any of the others, can't face any of those piddly little tasks that, for whatever reason, you've avoided as if they were the equivalent of say, joining the army.

We are being extravagant in our exposition.

We are being extravagant.

The photograph was taken at the Oakland City Center BART entrance with a Nikon D3s mounted with an 85mm f 1.4 Nikkor AF lens at f 5.6 at 1/160th second, ISO 200.