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January 9, 2010

Talking About
Saturday. I did go to see Sherlock Holmes yesterday in the late afternoon. Worth seeing for Downey and Law, your basic high energy chase movie with one or two interesting touches, Indiana Jones meets Sherlock Holmes. Made, I think, with an eye on what seems to be selling in movies at the moment. A cartoonish approach with a touch of the supernatural, lots of special effects (nicely done, bringing back mid-nineteenth century London, with no more than one or two totally over the top slow motion explosions and hanging from impossibly constructed building scenes) with, I don't know, the proper tongue in cheek distance. You already know if you're going to see it.

Some pictures using the older D2X camera that doesn't have the super low level light capabilities of the later D3'sas I was walking home after the movie, the color good, the grain OK for web and up to 8 X 10 print reproduction. I'm going to get outside and do more starting this weekend.

A bit cold this morning, but nothing out of line. The sky overcast, no sun, the weather people saying mostly cloudy with a high in the fifties. Should be colder in San Francisco for the Mochi ceremony being held at the Asian Art Museum at noon. An opportunity to take a camera with the 70 - 200mm lens attached in the new backpack, see how it travels, see how I travel. I heard of this Mochi thing through the Facebook San Francisco Street Photographers group, so I'll be giving in a try now that I'm back from the papers and breakfast, rested, the mood good, the head clear, the outlook fair.

The outlook fair?

We could use a little sun.

Later. A trip over to San Francisco, first the bus and then the BART and then the Asian Art Museum. Why do I not remember what you have to go through to get inside the Asian Art Museum? Yes, there's a senior discount ticket, eight dollars instead of quite a bit more, and yes they allow photographs at the Mochi Ceremony (but not in most of the other exhibits). They have you open your backpack to check what's inside (Are we taking an airplane here? Do people smuggle liquor inside?) and then you have to check your backpack and coat (Are you planning on smuggling something OUT in your backpack? Could be, I suppose.) before venturing forth to the second floor auditorium that was (my, my) packed full of people waiting for the show to start. OK. No seats, but I was able to stand over to the side with a decent view of the presentation and the crowd.

I stayed for about half the program and shot maybe a hundred and fifty pictures of which I thought half a dozen or so were nice. I liked the photograph I took coming home on BART, although I'm easier on myself with my BART photographs as they're not altogether easy to shoot (and survive).

It is now late afternoon and I've eaten a can of split pea soup (I was hungry. I'm still hungry.). I'm tired for all the adventure, but again, happy with the one or two pictures that I think turned out. They're pictures of people in the crowd, of course, my particular bent, but one or two of the ceremony as well. We did see how Mochi is made by hand and learned it's now mostly store bought anymore, even in Japan.

Oh, and it turns out the memory card for the D90 I suggested my sister order is not the CF card my cameras use, but an SD card, one of which I just ordered and had sent to Portland. Embarrassing. Remember that, folks, Nikon D90 cameras use SD cards and it turns out clever fellows such as your's truly, often don't know what they're talking about.

The photograph was taken through a store window on Telegraph near University with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 24 - 70mm f 2.8 Nikkor G lens at f 8 at 1/100th second, ISO 200.