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January 11, 2010

I'll Survive
Monday. Another full bore episode in the very late afternoon yesterday of what I'm calling a “hallucinogenic” like experience, where your mind essentially becomes muddled and you get confused, not quite able to sort out what's going on in front of you. You're aware of what's going on in the sense you know things are not right, but the mind is not sorting quickly enough to do more than get into bed and ride it out for half an hour. That description is pretty muddled, not unlike the experience. A full hour lying down, anyway, and it resolved itself, but a trip to a neurologist is in order I'm afraid.

If these things were to gain in frequency I'd begin to worry. As it is I'm, well, concerned. Interesting that it's always in the very late afternoon around five, finishing before seven. Makes me wonder if it's something I'm eating. But that, of course, is a guess. Need someone who's familiar with this stuff, makes their living giving people the good news.

Of course it's morning after a good breakfast and reading the papers and my head feels just fine, fine for how my head usually feels anyway, and I'm up for a good day. I did finish backing up December's image files yesterday and printing the DVD's I'd burned them to, two sets, each in its own binder from the set of nice new binders I've acquired for this purpose. I'll be getting to earlier months today, I think, now that I've got the system in place, the year 2009 should go rather quickly. I'm shooting more pictures for whatever reason and keeping up, is, well, necessary. Anyway, the sun in peeking through the grey cloud cover (they're saying partly cloudy today with showers tomorrow) and many things are possible. Anticipation is half the battle.

Later. A brief walk down by the lake carrying a camera with a 70 - 200mm lens, a lens I use a lot at specific functions, but rarely carry with me on the street. One reason to get the small backpack was to make carrying it easier to transport two cameras from and to a function taking, say, a bus and BART, but also to keep it out of sight. No need to tempt youngsters looking for something with which they can get themselves into trouble on a slow afternoon. Or so the mind moves in its little circles. One is more careful than one needs, here in Oakland, but that's a trap if you let it run your life and never venture out.

Anyway, a picture or two, a lady getting in her morning exercise, a picture of a goose, the name of which I do not know and pictures of another goose I was told was an Egyptian goose. There'd been two, the lady said, but now there was only one. Sad. This one legged world.

A short enough walk, although it allowed me to stretch my legs. A not particularly noteworthy picture of a fellow sitting on a bench up in the trees overlooking a café I visit now and again when I want a cup of coffee out at a sidewalk table in my neighborhood. I've discovered their hot Pastrami sandwich is one of the few things that can still elicit a response from my appetite. Maybe I was thinking, well, a quiet spot away from this modern world seen there in the distance - the cars and bars and hustle and bustle - except that's much too corny and trite. I took the picture. For some reason I put it here.

Later still. OK, some thought to going to see Avatar later his afternoon. The day has gone well, backing up the month of October and printing labels, only ten DVD's this time as December with its twenty DVD's was a heavy month. Which you'd expect.

Not much sleep last night, I got involved in trying to set up a new comments section as my old one has evidently been sold to another outfit with more exotic code. Couldn't get the damned thing to work. Poor instructions, poor in the sense I think there were additional setups required on their side and all I got were “cannot write to server” errors. I'll chill for a while before giving it another try. I am (or at least I was) a techie, after all, and can't be put off by a piece of script that won't work. Right?

No sign of an impending “hallucinogenic” evening?

God, I hope not. I'm tired, the upper palate could be better, but the head is OK and I'm thinking of going to this movie (about the time these episodes like to start). I'll survive.

The photograph was taken at the Mochi Ceremony at the San Francisco Asian Art Museum with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 70 - 200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens at f 4 at 1/60th second, ISO 3200.