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January 18, 2010

Picture Project
Monday. Rain. Yes indeed, we are in for an interesting week. Perhaps the three going on four year drought is done with this coming rain and that's got to be good, right? Can't be down over something so important. Right?

Back from breakfast, a little lighter breakfast this morning after last night's debacle (one must have an eating debacle every now and again to remember you're alive) and a run afterward to the grocery store for cat food and cereal. The cereal, three large boxes of Kellogg's Raisin Bran, on sale, three for six dollars; cat food, two boxes of small cans, 24 cans in each, costing more than either of us might wish to contemplate. No complaints. One takes care of one's cat, but one is allowed a grimace.

I've generally been feeling up (hup! hup!) these last several weeks and I'm feeling reasonably good this morning for a week of rain in the offing. These three projects, these three ever ongoing projects of mine, are still stumbling forward: the image file backups, the accumulation of a massive pile of tools for the framing of photographs, the various apartment cleaning dodges. I'm not fighting them. I fought them last night yes, but a little sake, a sharp cheddar and a passable DVD movie took care of it. We learn to make adjustments.

Still. Two more months of backed up pictures on DVD's by the end of the day? Why not? I did trash old computer books yesterday and freed up enough space to eliminate a pile of books beside the bed. For someone who doesn't read anymore I seem to have accumulated a lot of books and magazines. Why so many? Why do I keep the photography magazines? I'm good about the others. I've never been in the habit of going back to look at the photography magazines once they've been relegated to a shelf. If I'm honest I don't really pay that much attention when I receive them. I look at the pictures. Once is enough. I'd hate to see how many more books in various stages of reading I might have without the Kindle. I'm old enough to stop. (Repeat please: “You're old enough to stop.”)

Later. The Yahoo weather man says Rain-Thunder-Wind today; Rain-Wind, Tuesday and Wednesday; Rain Thursday; showers Friday.

Later still. A break in the rain, the wind strong and gusty from the west, the retreating clouds to the east dark and forbidding, the coming clouds from the west looking better, so naturally I took a walk through the wind down by, but not to, my morning café. Maybe a mile and a half at the most, not something to crow about, no pictures to show for the trip, but back now thinking of a nap. I backed up another month this morning, picked through the papers around the computer and eliminated some of the dust under the desk. Good for me. Another month backed up this afternoon, maybe.

The disk printer is telling me it's running low on ink, so it goes through a cartridge after printing something like a hundred four color CD's. I'd ordered a backup cartridge when I ordered the printer so I'm OK. One hundred CD/DVD images and I've only begun to make a dent. I suppose that means something to someone in some scheme of things, but I'm not sure it matters much to me. Ink cartridges for this disk printer are not all that expensive and I will survive. Come the earthquake when all the backups are destroyed (in the fire) I'll wonder if my time was well spent (if I'm alive).

People are wondering if you're not a bit anal with all this backup business.

People are tired of reading about it, I suspect. Anal. I'm not sure you know what anal is if you're thinking what I'm doing here is an egregious example. Anal is when, well, let's just drop it. You'd know if you saw my less than dustless apartment. Anal is a cat with its own slippers. Anal is cameras lined up in a row on booty blankets. Anal is, well, as I said, enough.

“Anal” seems to have pushed a button?

I get tired and I start to wind down, the words get a bit fuzzy, the brain can no longer string sentences together and it's a way to sit here writing and not go back to that fucking picture project.

The photograph was taken at the San Francisco Asian Art Museum Mochi Ceremony with a Nikon D3 mounted with a 70 - 200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens at f 3.2 at 1/80th second, ISO 4000.