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January 30, 2010

Bring That Up
Saturday. I didn't get out and get in any more walking later yesterday afternoon, but did get quite a bit of work done on the early Carnaval section of artandlife, enlarging and adjusting the smaller scanned images all of which were taken on film in 2001. I'm happy with that. The day otherwise went well through the evening including a much delayed but thoroughly needed lesson on making PhotoShop masks. I actually got out a book and forced myself to read the section without doing any apparent damage to my psyche. No complaints, but why have I waited so long?

Out of bed this morning, waking up at six, the head fine, the trip to and from breakfast done without incident. All this fussing over this ache and that ache and now here we are, the day ahead, the weekend ahead. Well, I'm not sure where this is going, so I'll leave it at that. Maybe more adjusting and tweaking images today, reinforce what I learned last night.

Later. Quite a bit of work on moving images from old CD's to the new network drive in the last couple of hours and, again, tweaking one or two to replace old less well done copies of those images on artandlife. Nothing spectacular, but progress none the less. Maybe this collecting the images in one place, two copies of each, will come together one day. I suspect, unless in the interim I have an unhappy meeting with a bus, they will.

Later still. Out the door into the sun, the clouds looking pretty nice, calling out to me as they were to take their photographs. Two younger guys (one from Ethiopia, one from Nigeria, it turns out) asked me to take their picture (and email it to them), nice guys, and I knew for a portrait I should have had them stand with their faces toward the sun and to my back, but I was intrigued by the clouds and they wanted the lake in the background. You can adjust your exposure to take this into account, but you blow out the sun and the clouds. You can fix these things only so much, but I was greedy (and lazy). Next time I'm asked I'll get one with the sun in their faces (or better yet in the shade) and deliver at least one good shot

Again, the sun out, the lake lined with people walking about, the park across from Gold's Gym full of people doing pull ups, the farmer's market packed. I took a picture or two, one by the lake (of you know what) and another sitting under a palm tree beyond the market. We don't really have all that many palm trees here in Northern California, not compared to say L.A., but there's a group (obviously) just down the way from me and I like taking their pictures (even if they're kinda dumb). No apologies. Palms still retain a certain cachet with this member of the older set.

I'm happy enough here now back at the apartment futzing with the computer, playing with the pictures, nothing to complain about, but the head still has its issues when I'm out on the street. Just a touch of what I'm calling “vertigo”, but probably really isn't, as vertigo has a very specific definition. Just a little wobbly which leads to being just a bit paranoid, which leads to spending more time indoors than I should. I got my walk in today, long enough to qualify, but just. But just. Maybe something later, although lately I've said that more than once without result.

Latest. I know, I go on and on. A walk down to the bus stop thinking downtown, get something to eat, but what? Stood waiting on the bus. Took a picture of the sun behind a cloud. Stood waiting on the bus. What do I want to go downtown for again? Do I really want to go downtown? A walk back up the hill and the apartment. I'll go out to get something to eat later, when the crowds die down. But what? Something nutritious. I do read the papers. They advise not living on ice cream. And soda pop. But what? This is ridiculous.

You talked about running a picture in the jacket.

I did, didn't I. If I were less honest I wouldn't allow you to bring that up.

The photograph was taken at the San Francisco 2006 Carnaval Parade with a Nikon D2X mounted with a 70 - 200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR lens at f 2.8 at 1/2000th second, ISO 100.