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January 7, 2013

Now, Reasonably Early
Monday. To bed by ten after taking a bath, thinking a bath would be good to clear the head, then to sleep soon after. Up with the alarm to head over to the Lakeshore ATM before driving to breakfast, noticing, when getting out of the car at the ATM, that I'd forgotten to bring along a camera. The second or third time I've done this in the last three months, can't remember forgetting to carry one before that. Mark one to the brain glitch side of the ledger.

You keep a ledger?

We all keep ledgers, even those of us who say we don't. I suspect it's the end for one phase and the start of a new more unsettling one when you begin to forget the ledger and the birthdays build up.

Anyway, although it's cold and overcast, it looks like we'll get some sun and the day will turn out well. A good walk to look forward to in other words, this time remembering to bring the camera. We need pictures (well, we want pictures) to fill the very holes in this entry, reason enough to anticipate adventure, a walk into the veritable wild.

Later. More a walk into the veritable cold starting with a bus ride downtown. Comfortable enough while under a little sun, but otherwise too brisk to even consider sitting outside at a table. But what the hell, a walk to a Washington Street café for a cup of coffee, a walk then back to sit in the Rotunda building over a raspberry shortcake cookie (we'd had our fill of coffee) and a bus back home.

It's sunny and the sky is now clear, so I suspect another walk is in order. A set of external speakers I'd ordered from Dell are finally due to arrive today, the old ones having failed some time ago. Odd to only see (hear) how useful sound is after you've lost it. The new Dell computer has no internal speakers, but it does have speaker outputs, no need to order a card, so I'm looking forward to the UPS arrival, although it makes me hesitate to leave on another outing.

I've, over time, bought and tested a fair number of phototography programs, keeping some, getting rid of most. An outfit called DXO labs sent an email recently saying they'd released their new Viewpoint program that included a trial link and I've used it now a couple of times. The photograph up above was vertically “straightened“ with it. Screws up the photo's dimensions and will often alter it in ways I don't prefer, but again, it does seem to work.

You really think this is of interest to anyone?

Hard to say, but it's been the excitement so far for the day.

Later still. It's gotten much warmer now that the sun is out and so it was out the door without the sweater, but keeping the scarf and the winter coat, leaving a note for the UPS driver. Quite comfortable walking along to the morning café, taking my time. A BLT and coffee as they were still out of ice cream. Hope it's not because business is bad and they're having trouble paying their bills.

Bite your tongue!

I know, I know, impossible to consider: life without breakfast. A walk back noting the chalk. I wonder how it's sold, what it's used for other than school boy graffiti? Construction? Cut here, saw there?

On by the lake. Yes, I checked the local tide tables and discovered we'd had a low tide twenty minutes before I'd taken the picture. Why notice it now, why comment on it now, when (I'm pretty sure) I've seen this many times before? It's an estuary and not a lake and so it definitely has tides. And mussels. Salt water mussels preferred, from the number I've seen eating them, by the gulls.

Evening. The Italian thing at six is hopeless (in my opinion, as it seems to strike a personal nerve) so I settled in to watch another Netflix movie (after many tries) and played along on the guitar. Which is good, playing along on the guitar, because the session was both long and therefor useful. IMHO. Many, many, iterations of those chord changes, fiddling with the fingers, how to go from one to another quickly, reliably and on the beat. To bed now, reasonably early.

The photo up top was taken over coffee this morning in Oakland with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.