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January 10, 2013

To Bed After Ten
Thursday. Who knows, maybe that half chicken salad sandwich I'd had with lunch yesterday, the kitchen (I now suspect) adding their MSG laden “seasonings”. The result was the same old ocular crap showing up later around nine to send me off to bed early and ride it out. Up at seven-thirty without the alarm to head out to the morning restaurant, keeping it to the plain waffle with fruit and coffee, no “seasonings” I assume used in slicing the banana and strawberries.

Still, a nice sunny day, they're saying it will stay cold through the weekend, but sun somehow makes it seem less relevant. And warmer? We'll know soon enough.

Later. Eleven, even with the clear sky and bright sun, was still too early to head out into the cold, setting out at noon at about the time I returned from the walk would have been better. Still, a bus to the ATM on Broadway and then a walk on to the Rotunda building for a caramel latte and a fudge brownie, best not to have had the fudge brownie, the raspberry shortcake cookie would have been better.

A walk over to Washington Street in Old Oakland, then deciding to catch the bus back to the apartment. I remembered, while riding, I had an old Eddie Bauer goose down set of goose down underwear hanging in the closet, the snap button padded jacket would be perfect in this cold.

Bought over forty years ago just before the army shipped me to Korea (winters are cold in Korea) I should have remembered it sooner, that it really did indeed keep you warm (I've put it on from time to time here in the apartment) and it was light and comfortable under a jacket. Or am I too obsessed with these recent memory lapses? Nah. Very little is more exciting than remembering a way to warmth on a winter chill morning with your nose a piece of ice.



Later still. A nap, awakening at the tail end of another light weight ocular episode, perhaps from that fudge brownie and caramel latte, chocolate one of the items on the to be avoided list. Could be. Then again, might not. We'll add chocolate to the food items we actually avoid as opposed to the ones we should avoid, but don't. If that makes sense.

Still a nice day out there, probably warmer now as it approaches three. Time to start on the guitar, I'd think, as we were interrupted by last night's ocular episode before we could finish.

Evening. Finally got down to the lesson, playing along with the recorded version playing at eighty percent speed through the Amazing Slow Downer software on the laptop. The software allows you to start playing the piece slowly and build up speed as you practice, all the while maintaining proper pitch as you repeat the piece over and over and over. And over.

Fat Friends was on at six, hopeless, nothing else I wanted to watch otherwise, so more guitar on into the evening. I'd walked over to the burger shop earlier to bring home a steak sandwich (no cheese, no onions), but otherwise stayed inside. More playing. The lesson tomorrow. Onward.

Ah, just remembered. It's Thursday night, another Elimentary starting at ten. Another self destructive behavior, going to bed after ten.

The photo up top was taken in the Rotunda building late this morning with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-70mm f 2.8 G Nikkor lens.