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Here In Oakland

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January 13, 2013

As We Babble On
Sunday. To bed later than I should - my fault, no complaints - up at eight, off to breakfast at eight-thirty. A good morning so far, but back to the apartment to look at yesterday's mess of an entry, begin needed changes and then take a nap. Some days it's best to just give in to reality and take a nap. If your writing reads like crap in the morning, maybe (with work) it will read less like crap by the afternoon, so take the nap, get up at noon and take a long walk. Or a short walk.

The temperature is unusually cold, down below freezing last night for a fifty year low in San Jose, the waitresses commenting on it this morning at breakfast, but the sun remains shining now in the early afternoon and I need to go by an ATM if I want to have lunch. I do want to have lunch.

It's later now after lunch (bubble gum ice cream and coffee), with the news droning on in the background and I still haven't posted yesterday's entry, figured I'd best start covering the exciting things I've done so far today before finishing it. (Did I mention the elevator went out of order earlier this morning and it won't be fixed until the elevator company sends its crew tomorrow?)

We can guess your state of mind at the moment.

Look, no physical symptoms and the attitude is good, the day sunny, our mood is good (if a little scattered). We're more swimming in place than falling back or making progress. It's good to be swimming in place. Not so good to have this delay in posting your journal because it reads as if it were written by an eight year old child (but without the imagination of an eight year old child), so we're stewing a bit over that, but otherwise this 13th day of the month is going along just fine, thank you.

Best to post your entry for yesterday before this one too follows it into the toilet.

Evening. A Swedish police procedural at six. Which I watched. I'm not sure I've asked myself the right questions as to why. Why? Interesting enough, I like the “other culture” aspects of these things, I've been watching foreign films now, many of them really awful, for some time. For the look through the cultural mirror it allows to see how it illumines our own? Sounds better than many another reason for watching this crap stuff.

Some guitar so far, but not enough. Plenty of time left to finish out a good longer session for the day. Feel good - hup! hup! - looking forward to breakfast tomorrow (as I've somehow run out of anything whatsoever to eat in the apartment and don't want to go out and get something to eat). To bed early, perhaps, make up for last night as we babble on, here in Oakland.

The photo up top was taken early this afternoon along Lake Merritt with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.