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January 30, 2013

Am I Suspicious?
Wednesday. The whole idea was, of course, to drive over to have the car serviced and to get the blood tests out of the way. I was overdue on the monthly Protime test, not sure by how much, as I'd have to dig out last year's calendar to check to see when I'd had the last one, and I needed an additional three tests, one of which requires fasting (no breakfast), for the upcoming cardiologist's appointment in February. This I've known and been planning to do for weeks now.

So I set out this morning a little late, the Honda garage opening at seven, I not arriving until eight, and waited in line for my turn. And then remembered I'd left the paperwork for the additional three tests sitting in the kitchen. Not a clue I'd so blithely done this until I'd arrived to wait in line, no way to turn around and retrieve it.

Well, the Protime is the more important. Got the car checked in, went to the lab, got the test, had breakfast and read the papers in the hospital cafeteria, returned to the garage to find the car was done. Actually there were some somewhat annoying delays at various points along the way, but nothing to get excited about, if I can remain calm after forgetting the tests, staying calm for some small delays becomes child's play. I'd say.

So, we'll skip breakfast tomorrow morning again, go straight to the lab, get the tests and then drive back to the morning café for breakfast. We will. Hup.

Anyway, a little tired, although I'd gotten to bed last night before ten, up this morning at seven, I set out to walk to the morning café for a second lighter breakfast. Hadn't eaten enough at the hospital. Shouldn't have worn the sweater under the light jacket, though, but life is hard, even in wonderful weather. We are kidding. The day is nice, t-shirt weather, and the afternoon is ahead (after a nap). Yes.

Later. An hour's nap, an actual nap where I went to sleep for some part of it, feel better, although I'm not quite up and coherent yet.

My waitress at the café warned me she'd not be coming in today and through Saturday, not mentioning why. Well, no reason to mention why, but evidently she was married today, taking what you might call a truncated honeymoon. Wish her well, she's served me breakfast five out of seven mornings now every week for many many years.

Finished out the afternoon, taking it easy, taking two photographs from the 2010 Gay Pride Parade for the photo up top and the photo linked behind the journal title, so no photographs were taken today. It happens. The world still turns, the sun still sets in the west.

I did notice the gas prices had gone up another four cents a gallon on top of yesterday's rise of ten. Just like that. Not having gone in early to breakfast means it could still have been at yesterday's price early this morning when I'd usually have arrived (and documented with a picture), but that's the way it goes. The world still turns (as I mentioned), even though in a more perfect world (of my design), I'd have gotten my now almost empty tank filled before the rise in price.

Evening. A Don Matteo at six, so switch to the last half of Democracy Now on a PBS station and continue on the guitar. I won't admit to what I watched after it because, well, even we have some shred of dignity to preserve. Anyway, more time on the guitar, more time on the finger picked waltz (sounds nice when played by a better guitar player, but we too are making progress), not so much time on the new finger picked chords, but a good overall session this day.

To bed before ten, we'll see if we get up in time to make that lab run before breakfast. Why am I suspicious?

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco 2010 Gay Pride Parade with a Nikon D3s mounted with an 70-200mm f 2.8 VR Nikkor lens.