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January 18, 2014

Feeding The Meters
Saturday. I bailed on the second Sherlock Holmes episode last night realizing I'd seen it before. I had no idea where it was going or who may have done it, but “seen it before” is seen it before and a good night's sleep seemed a much better choice than watching something I'll again forget in another week.

Which meant a good night's sleep. Up a little slowly at the beginning, but off to breakfast on another dark but clear sky morning, it's going to be warm again later today in this the third year of our California drought. The farmers and ski slopes have been having trouble, but it hasn't affected any of us city dwellers yet. It will. Soon. But interesting (in the old Chinese it's a curse sense) none the less.

Coming home I was thinking my, my, don't we feel good? We do. Indeed. Anything we can do with this feeling, this realization for the rest of the day? Go somewhere to take pictures? No need to go any distance, but head out to photograph someplace nearby that I've been avoiding these last winter months? We'll see. Does feel good after a nice safe waffle with fruit for breakfast, though. We'll see if we can't stretch this feeling out.

Later. Another short walk over to the lake and back taking one or two pictures, the eye and the heart into it, though, the interest there in pictures whether we found them or not. A bit brisk in the still cold air, but it was warm under the direct sun, the gulls still hunkered down on the grass, the ducks silent and sullen sitting out on the lake.

Lots of people running and walking as there was some kind of charity running event underway, the route marked in arrows in chalk pointing out the direction at turns. The farmers market in full swing on the other side of the highway, so lots of activity, the area alive.

Still have a clear head and a better than usual attitude, we'll head out again now and see what we can find.

Later still. Another quick walk over to the lake taking all of three photographs. Hmm. Some slight visual disorientation, nothing out of line, no funky feelings, but it reminded me I'd had two scoops of ice cream for lunch. You may recall my thoughts and decision about ice cream and how it needs to be put way back down at the bottom of the diet for the while. I'm a flake. I am. But we'll be careful with dinner when it comes up. Hup.

Evening. Guitar. We did our guitar. We surfed the web (again). Nothing on television and so to bed. Early. To read, to see if there wasn't something I was willing to watch on Netflix on the tablet and then.

And then?

Give up and sleep. We went to sleep. On a Saturday night, a night when we don't have to set the alarm to get up early and avoid feeding the meters.

The photo up top was taken at the Lake Merritt white column pergola with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6 G Nikkor lens.