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January 20, 2014

Child Of Six
Monday. I did note the fact my morning restaurant was opening later at seven today, Martin Luther King Jr's birthday, but completely forgot it was a holiday and the meters wouldn't be running last night when I set the alarm. Up then clueless with the alarm to head off to breakfast only remembering, as I approached the restaurant at six-thirty, they were opening today at seven instead of six. Such is the state of our memory anymore. They were in fact open, didn't ask why, and I happily read the papers over breakfast, the only diner in the room.

Which portends what? Nothing worth a worry and so on to another sunny warm day, the third day of the three day weekend. For those who take it. There should be both people and lunch in the City Center later and I do need to go by an ATM.

Later. A walk over to the lake, having missed the bus and so deciding to walk to the Lakeshore ATM instead of killing time and then taking another bus. As I was walking I was feeling the slight wobbliness, the aching upper palate and what I've been calling a dry mouth taking over and I was wrapped in thoughts about this as I passed by the line of Gap store display windows on Lakeview after hitting the ATM.

A still picture can't really show it, but all the windows have mannequins inside displaying their clothes and the first window, as I was passing, made me stop short and take a second look. They weren't mannequins, but two boys posing, not making a move. I took a too hurried picture and gave a quick thumbs up before moving on in all the sidewalk traffic, they standing like statues. Interesting idea for two so young. I wonder where insights to do something like this in two so young might lead them in another decade. Or two. Doodle-dee-do.

A walk on to the morning café, managing to pass right on by the ice cream shop (believe me, I thought about it), to have a hamburger and a lemonade for lunch. Sitting at a table out on the patio I realized the “wobbly” feeling was gone. The sinuses-upper palate was still letting me know of its presence, but was this the result of sitting down, the passage of time or something else?

Who knows? The walk back was both clear headed and stable, none of the earlier symptoms, arriving home at noon. No thought of a nap, not particularly tired, we'll see if it holds. Otherwise another warm day, plenty of people out. Not like a farmers market Saturday, but a holiday none the less with a number people about.

Later still. A nap. Finally felt the need. Feel good. No effects from the hamburger (no MSG added to the meat?), I just felt tired and slept.

Evening. Guitar between watching various episodes on Netflix. Lawyers in extremis, two different series, I'm not going to admit to which. Maybe later when I've seen more, still debating if I'm an idiot to be finding them interesting or not. Enough guitar for the day, but not enough for the loss of practice yesterday when working on the photographs. No complaints.

There's another Scott & Bailey I've not seen before later at nine forty-four (nine forty-four?), which I will undoubtedly stay up to watch. The episode will be repeated much earlier next Sunday evening and, if I were sensible, I'd wait until then. But I won't. Almost never do when you have the patience of a child of six.

The photo up top was taken Sunday at the Oakland Lunar New Year Bazaar with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.