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January 22, 2014

The Rhyme Goes
Wednesday. To bed before ten and up with the alarm feeling pretty good so off to breakfast and back on another sunny soon to be a very warm morning. And I feel good. Which is good, we're not complaining, but what's so different about today than yesterday, a day when I was feeling like crap to the point of missing my guitar lesson?

We've gone through all this before.

We have, we have. Nice to do something with this change in attitude, though. Come up with a decent walk and a couple of pictures. Get outside, do what real people do without a thought. Hup. And all that.

What are you worried about?

A day like today deserves more than listening to the news drone on in the background as I sit in front of the computer or watch something marginal/crappy/mind numbing on television. Unless there's something good on, of course. We remain realistic.

Later. Another very short walk over to the lake taking one or two pictures. It's obviously mating season for the pigeons. Reminds me of where “bill and coo” must have come from. A lone egret stalking along the bottom farther on down at the edge of the lake to see if he/she couldn't scare up something down there for lunch. He was absorbed enough in his fishing that he didn't notice or bother with my presence. They're usually more skittish.

Back to the apartment to put the now soaked towel I spread out on the bathroom floor into a washer and inform the apartment manager my toilet was completely blocked. It's always been a problem, I have more than the usual complement of various plungers in hand, but this time it needs professional help. I don't think it's me, but something to do with the toilet itself. Then again who knows? Maybe I'm overly full of it.

Otherwise OK. We've been having the unusual warm weather with the attendant spare the air days and pollen (so says the paper), so I suspect that's the reason for the runny nose, particularly after I've eaten and that's been with me now for a while, but otherwise we're experiencing the usual low level stuff.

Which means?

Which means the head is clear, the sinuses are mumbling in the background, the vision sharp, but still not feeling like getting out and about. Which is not what I'd like.

Later still. A walk to the morning café for a salad and a lemonade, passing by the construction of a new apartment house going on near the base of my hill. Evidently the local neighborhood group has been fighting this for some time. I guess they lost.

The plumber is due at four in another thirty minutes and I've cleaned up the bathroom a bit. Not really embarrassed, but close. We understand the rules, it's just when you're living alone, well, like guitar lessons, we don't always attend to each and every last one.

Evening. The toilet is now fixed. They asked me if I were taking any medications/prescriptions and I said yes, along with two doses of fiber pills daily. Oh. Well, break things up before you flush. Oh. OK.

Do we need to know that?

Well, it is a journal. They're coming tomorrow to replace the disposal unit in the kitchen sink and then we shall not be visited by the plumbers for a while. One hopes a long while.

Nothing on television so to bed early. A decent day, the head clear, but no trips to other than the lake and the morning restaurant for lunch. Some guitar and some sleep and we'll see how the wind blows and the whine rhyme goes tomorrow.

The photo up top was taken Sunday at the Oakland Lunar New Year Bazaar with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.