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January 25, 2014

Just After Ten
Saturday. I'd seen and vaguely remembered the Sherlock Holmes Hound of the Baskervilles last night, watching it in bits and pieces while practicing guitar, heading to bed before the second episode had started. Some reading before getting to sleep by ten, a good night's sleep, up with the alarm and off to breakfast on (what else?) another sunny morning.

There's the Chinese New Year Flower Fair going on in San Francisco today (and I've already started talking myself out of photographing it) and a concert in Berkeley by an old Austin friend/acquaintance this afternoon after three. I probably won't go photograph either of them. Maybe. I'd guess.

Later. A nap for about an hour where I actually got some sleep. A good nap, up a little slowly, but nothing out of the norm. A walk then to the lake, no thought to go downtown, no thought to go to San Francisco for the Flower Fair, although I still had time to go later. Ha, ha. I thought.

The weather warm and sunny with lots and lots of people about. A picture of a video being made by the edge of the lake, couldn't help myself. On by the Caporeia dancers and through the farmers market thinking hungry, I'd like to eat something. The morning restaurant would be crowded, but the one or two things I thought I could convince myself to eat at the farmers market had long lines waiting and so on to Lakeshore if only to see if they'd finished resurfacing the street.

And they had. Of course. Saturday was not a day to bottle up this much traffic. This isn't New Jersey. The ice cream shop was open without a line, but I managed to bluff myself on by it and continue on down Lakeshore to the ATM just in case I go to Powell St. John's gig later and need the money, back by the theater through the farmers market again to the lake and home. I'd not noted the fountain was back in place and working when I was setting out earlier, but it finally struck me as I was passing and I took a picture.

Again, a really nice day, t-shirt weather by the time I was walking home, now we'll see how the rest of the afternoon plays itself out. I wonder if there's a BART station next to that gig later this afternoon? It's coming up pretty soon, but if there is, I might.


Yeah, maybe so. “Ha!” to me and thee: it is always thus.

Later still. Another hour's nap. I guess we're not going anywhere later to shoot pictures. Such it seems to be more and more often. Maybe for the better, pick up the guitar, get some practice in its place.

Evening. Zip on television. Some guitar, but probably not enough to make it a good day. Still, a number of short sessions over the late afternoon and evening. To bed just after ten.

The photo up top was taken yesterday of the lot where they're building an apartment house near my apartment with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.