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January 27, 2014

In The Middle
Monday. To bed by ten, up with the alarm on an overcast morning to head off to breakfast and back in a reasonably good state. Maybe some rain later this week they're saying. Not for sure, but if it comes it will deliver a couple of inches. Which is good. We need to climb out of this drought before it becomes too serious. He babbled, mind still not quite awake this early in the morning.

Later. A short walk over to the lake with the long lens and back, not much going on when I arrived, although I was able to experiment with the new focusing technique causing me to flub a couple of shots. We're sticking to it as the technique seems it will be an improvement once I get the hang of finding and then pushing the AF button on the back of the camera rather than pressing halfway down on the shutter button on top of the camera to focus.

Back at the apartment feeling, well, better, and so a bus downtown to have coffee and a muffin out at a table in the City Center before getting on the free shuttle bus to Jack London Square. When's the last time I've made the short journey to Jack London? To buy more hangers and a bathroom rug? Let me tell you, it's been a while.

Back from Jack London on the bus, home at two in the afternoon, the sun peeking fitfully through the clouds, the temperature in the sixties. A nap, I think, but then we'll shuffle some things around in the closet on the new hangers. There are many things that can be done right here in the apartment under a new head of steam in addition to getting out and farther about.

Cross your fingers.

And hope to fly.

Later still. A nap. Good. Feel good. More time on the computer futzing with today's photographs, more time watching another movie on Netflix. Yes, some work on that closet that involved throwing out old no longer needed stuff, but basically just futzing around and goofing off. So much for out and farther about.

Evening. Two episodes of Scott & Bailey starting at nine, which means we'll be staying up late. The night before my guitar lesson and I'm playing with fire. Plenty of time spent practicing today, that's not a problem, and I'll go to the lesson no matter what (can't miss two in a row), but still, we'll take a chance on “stay up late funky tomorrow” and watch both episodes. (How can either one of them possibly get into more trouble than they already have?)

Another mind gone to mud.

Pretty hard to find mud in the middle of a drought.

The photo up top was taken of the resurfacing operation on Lakeshore Friday with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.