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January 29, 2014

Should Be OK
Wednesday. This has not been a good morning. To bed early, up two hours after the alarm at eight (thereby getting enough sleep you'd think), but obviously foggy and then slipping into another one of these ocular events as I arrived home. That pizza yesterday? Probably. Breakfast this morning? Could be, but you wonder about all this focus on food when, whatever you eat, it still seems to go on and on.

Anyway, yesterday wasn't much better, slow and foggy throughout, at least that's how I'm remembering it, now an ocular migraine influenced episode this morning, although now that's it's noon I'm coming to some form of coherence. Not total coherence, but the earlier issues are dissolving and I'm finally entering the day on this overcast rainy morning (rain without real rain), the head beginning to function.

So what happened with the computer and the journal? I did figure out this morning, when I awoke, that the little DSL unit that connects to the Internet had additional Ethernet ports I'd forgotten about and I was able to plug together a connection to the external drives and the Internet and so I'm partially functional until the new replacement switch arrives later today from Amazon. If I'd been clearer headed or more energetic yesterday I'd have figured this out, but I wasn't clearer headed yesterday and I didn't. Mumble. Bitch and mumble, mostly mumble.

Are you ever all the way “back” these days?

Sometimes I wonder. There are periods that last, say, a day or two when the wheels are turning correctly, what I perceive to be correctly, but then one of these shows up and all bets are off. The decade of our seventies. Mine isn't starting well, isn't giving me any indication it will get better. Not like a cold. A cold goes away. Does this go away? It's not the end of the world, we're carping about it, yes, and it's in the way, hey, but life otherwise goes OK. Given the various alternatives you see around you: it does.

Twelve noon. The day finally starts. What happened before is now history. No more pizza, though. We're off pizza until we're not and I'm hoping it is indeed history. Unless its ocular effects should stop. You'd have to test every now and then to see if it still causes grief. But we won't be testing tomorrow. Really. Sitting in the stomach as badly as it does.

You sound scattered.

I am.

Later. Another nap and then another nap and now, at three, we're mostly back. Back to, well, we'll say coherence. Sobriety. Sagacity. Babble. Babble can be good if you keep your sense of humor (he said).

I haven't gone out today, haven't taken any pictures and I suspect I won't. No real rain, but it is overcast, somewhat cold and (have I mentioned?) I've been feeling like crap.

Evening. The Netgear switch arrived and now all things are swell, although I'm thinking my computer area after a closer examination could use a bit of dusting. No news there. We'll do it. Tomorrow. Day after.

Nothing on television so to bed early, see if we can't get out of bed in decent shape tomorrow. Had spaghetti with red clam sauce for dinner, scrambled eggs with country potatoes this morning (with the mixed fruit) for breakfast. No ice cream, no pizza, no MSG today. I don't think. Could Should be OK.

The photo up top was taken along Lake Merritt this week with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6 VR Nikkor lens.