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January 14, 2016

Bath Tonight

Thursday. To bed early enough, certainly, but then a long uneven night's sleep, awakening before six to take my time getting up and finally deciding to drive to breakfast. Some rain last night, the streets wet, but otherwise they're saying no rain until later this evening and so we'll be able to get out and about. An unwritten, not always followed rule/thought: skipping walking to breakfast means walking a couple of miles later to somewhere else.

That sounds sufficiently goody two shoes. Are you avoiding sugary beverages as well?

Later. For not a lot of sleep, at least what I'm thinking wasn't a lot of sleep, I don't seem to be all that tired. UPS sent an email saying a memory card I'd ordered would arrive by one forty-five, something I shouldn't have taken all that seriously, as I have no need for the card right away and it ended up not arriving until four.

Which means you didn't get out for that walk.

Which means I didn't get out for that walk. Happens.

Still, assembled two sections of Latham Square photographs together and posted them after two or three hours effort and so that's how the day has evolved. Rain arrived in the mid-afternoon, although they're saying it will be clear tomorrow and so maybe we'll get in that walk, if not to breakfast, then later.

Went through a month's worth of photographs I'd taken some years ago in looking for photographs for today's entry, comparing them to my current month's production. Hmm. Liked the earlier photographs, even the throw aways seem fresher, better. OK, a dry period at the moment (hup!), we're getting older and more timid, we'll see if we can't do something about it. (More hups!) Not hanging up the camera yet.

Not if you're still buying memory cards.

Evening. I did remembered there was a Republican debate tonight five minutes before it started, dialed into Fox Business News on the computer and got as far as listening to Ted Cruz say how sick he'd been to see American sailors on their knees in front of a bunch of Iranians on the news today and I decided I was too young to listen to any more of it without psychological damage. So I turned it off.

Watched Midsomer Murders at eight and followed on with the first ten minutes of Foyle's War that started at nine-thirty before retiring to the bedroom and tablet to watch Elementary at ten. Midsomer had the advantage of no advertising, but I thought for a moment I was watching an online advertising program interspersed with snippets of a detective story, as Elementary was playing.

People need to know your opinion on these things?

Either that or describe in great detail the dialogue I had in deciding on whether or not to take a bath tonight.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco 2006 Carnaval Parade with a Nikon D2x mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR Nikkor lens.