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Here In Oakland

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January 19, 2016

I'll Start

Tuesday. We managed to finagle lights out at the usual time of ten last night, to awaken at quarter to six. So much for getting in a longer night's sleep. Still, wide awake, the rain coming down like gang busters and so out the door to drive to breakfast, parking off Grand this time, finding a space where I didn't have to feed a meter. Which means we got a little damp walking from the car to the café, discussing with ourself the fact we'd left a perfectly good umbrella sitting in the car as we were sitting down. Figures. Not overly surprising, but next time..., next time.

Raining really hard heading back to the car, noticing the gas prices had dropped eight cents a gallon. Easy enough to shoot a picture from under the café awning, but no way was I going to cross the street for an up close picture of the sign. We'll shoot one tomorrow and replace the old picture that's displayed here today.

And that's your excitement for the day? The missed picture of a gas station sign?

Better than war in Europe. Or Oakland.

Later. Tired, but the rain had pretty much stopped by late this morning and so a walk to the gas station across from the morning café to take a picture of the sign and another to replace the picture taken this morning that's displayed behind the sign, using this more as an excuse to get outside for a walk than anything else. Picture taken, a walk over the hill on Mandana to Lakeshore and the bank ATM, not too much huffing and puffing by the time I reached the top and started down. I was wondering how the climbing effort might go, if we've not been getting in our walks, as I haven't tried this one in a while.

A cinnamon twist and coffee at a table out in front of the bagel shop, two scoops of ice cream at the ice cream shop farther down Lakeshore and then back by the lake to the apartment taking a picture at the place one of the streams empties out under the white column pergola. I was curious about how it looked, how much junk may have been flushed into the lake earlier by the rain.

Back now to prepare yesterday's protest march photographs for the web. It's closing in on two in the afternoon and for the first time there's sun visible through the balcony door. Not a bad start to a day, a couple of mile walk, a picture or two. I'd say.

Later still. Remembered earlier to run the home Protime blood thinner test and phone in the result to their automated system. The nurse called later to say all was well. Not a surprise, the same reading today as it was last week.

The single section for the web sites is done and posted. I may go back and redo more photographs as some still seem dark. But we'll sleep on it before we do, just to, well, maybe wiggle out on the project. Just kidding. I will look at them tomorrow. We will. It's obvious more need work.

Evening. Another nothing on television Tuesday. Checked Charlie Rose who turned out to be running more of his Sean Penn interview, an interview for whatever reason I found myself avoiding. Rolling Stone arrived in the afternoon mail with his El Chapo interview, I'll read it later in bed. Well, I'll start reading it later in bed. There's little predictability in what I'll read anymore, but at least I'll start.

The photo up top was taken yesterday at the #96Hours #DirectActionWeekend March to Emeryville at Frank Ogawa Plaza with a Nikon D4s mounted with an 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.