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January 23, 2016

Like That

Saturday. Lights out again at ten to enter what I call a “fitful” night's sleep, “fitful” in the sense I seem to go in and out of sleep and the night drags on much longer than a sensible night should. At least it seems so, most of it compressed together and then forgotten after you've been awake for more than an hour. A night like this and then awakening at five-thirty. I was complaining yesterday about awakening at a quarter past six. Maybe we're annoying the Fates with this and it would be better to keep these little thoughts to ourself.

Raining last night and I was expecting to see it raining this morning, only to find it had stopped. What the hell, still too early and too dark to walk. He said. No need for rain to decide on driving to breakfast. It was early and so I arrived early and was able to have breakfast, read the papers and leave by eight before the meters start.

There's a Bernie Sanders demonstration scheduled over on the other side of the lake at noon. We'll take pictures, we will. If it doesn't start raining looking at the ominous clouds.

Later. OK, no more putting it off. Shooting the Bernie Sanders march this noon hour on the other side of the lake required a four mile walk and a bunch of non-stop running around shooting pictures and I'm tired. Made it through the day OK, no real complaints in that, but it would be better I were in better shape. We'll take the walking thing more seriously from here on out. He said. Stamping his foot.

Later still. The picture outing seems to have slowed the day to a crawl. Some work on the pictures, posting some to Twitter where they seem to have drawn attention, over two hundred re-tweets and picks as favorites, something that's not happened with my haphazard Twitter postings in the past. They're decent enough pictures, but it's an election season and the timing was right.

Evening. Nothing I wanted to watch on television, skipped the Jeremy Brett Sherlock Holmes episode on PBS at seven, didn't even look at the Harrison Ford movie at eight, but went right to bed. Just like that.

The photo up top was taken Monday at the #96Hours #DirectActionWeekend March to Emeryville at Frank Ogawa Plaza with a Nikon D4s mounted with an 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.