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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


January 4, 2017


Thursday. Lights out not all that long after nine to awaken briefly with a jolt at after two in the morning, a jolt in the building. An earthquake? Just a jolt, but it kicked off an interesting dream too complicated to describe. Anyway, awake at seven-fifteen, a good hour later than usual, to scramble to get it together and set out walking to breakfast. They were warning of rain today, but starting later in the morning and it looked as if it would be clear for (this late) breakfast.

There was a lingering question about that “jolt” last night. Had it been the night before? I was wondering about that when I got up, but then found three small items on the living room floor that had been bumped off book shelves, items I would have found yesterday if that jolt had indeed happened Tuesday night rather than last night. Ah, well. We'll see if there's any note in the papers. (Note in papers: a 4.4 earthquake in Berkeley at 2:35 this morning. I wasn't dreaming.)

An easy enough walk, the oatmeal, toast, fruit cup and coffee for breakfast, as that was what appealed. Finished the papers and walked back home to take the usual pictures, the flowers I've been following looking to be on their last legs. Stems.

Overcast still, but rain on the way and so another day begins. Feel pretty good, still taking the pain meds, no question there, we'll see how the day unfolds. Nothing on television on Thursdays, but there's always the news, interesting enough if you avoid anything happening more than fifty miles outside of Oakland. Just the occasional gun fight on the streets and such here, no genocides or pending nuclear incidents to digest along with breakfast.

None of that now.

I'm thinking of quitting Twitter and switching to a diet of YouTube cat videos Korean soaps on television.

Later. A bus at noon to Broadway, going by the ATM and then swinging by the apartment house construction sites on Webster and 23rd to see what progress they've been making. Took a series of pictures before walking to the bus stop on Grand, the NextBus app saying I had six minutes to wait for the next one. Well, I haven't taken any pictures of the road construction at Harrison or at the entrance to Children's Fairyland and six minutes is too long when you feel like walking.

They're still not done with the construction at Harrison (how long has this been going on?) and, getting closer to finishing their work at the Fairyland entrance, they seem to be extending their modification to the curb along Grand.

A walk by the 7-11 look-alike for a package of Planters chipotle peanuts, probably more calories there than I had with breakfast, and on to the apartment. Still overcast with some signs of sun through breaks in the clouds, here and there, but no rain and warm enough to feel uncomfortable after the walking in the various layers of shirts and such I was wearing under the winter jacket. Still, the task of the day is now done by one.

Evening. Futzed around until eight to check out something called Jack Irish: The Movies to discover their (Australian?) accents meant I wasn't able to follow the story. I do believe I've had some small loss in the hearing, just enough to make an accent hard to follow when played through the television's speakers. Enough was enough to so to bed, lights out after the six minute news at ten.

The photo was taken at the Medicare 50th Anniversary held in front of the Oakland City Hall with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.