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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


January 11, 2017


Thursday. Awoke at six-ten. Good, although lights out last night later than I'd have liked. Overcast this morning, an easy walk with watering eyes to breakfast ordering the hamburger patty, eggs over medium, country potatoes, toast, fruit cup and coffee for breakfast.

Avoided taking the bus when it showed up just as I was setting out back to the apartment. Bad enough not getting out later in the day, worse yet not walking to or from breakfast was the rationalization, but there wasn't any real interest in riding either. Naught but a single picture.

Still overcast, although they're saying no rain through this coming Monday evening, so maybe we can talk ourself out the door later. Keep saying this, but without an appointment of some kind, I won't usually deliver. This having a camera stolen from you on the street is one factor, not a small factor, but it happened and I need to get over, under or around it one way or another.

Later. What the hell, camera in backpack and out the door to catch the bus to the City Center, picking up a box of Good & Plenty before getting a bagel with cream cheese and coffee to eat out at a table in front of the bagel shop. So far, so good. No pictures yet, but at least out the door this afternoon.

A walk then by the construction site at 17th along Broadway, but not stopping to take out the camera and take pictures. The building has grown and there were lots of workers and equipment visible, but I told myself it really wasn't a picture there to stop for. So much for honesty and photography while out and about on Broadway.

A walk on to the Webster stop on Grand, the sinus-palate problem putting the head now deeper into its too usual bubble and so a ride home to lie down for a while, let the bubble dissolve, which it did after half an hour. So a walk and an outing: good. So not a single picture: less good. The sinus-palate thing taking most of the blame? Maybe. It got worse and worse as I was walking. Same old struggle.

Later still. Listened to the news to see how the broadcast people were handling the president's “shithole” comments I'd read online this morning in the Times. The News Hour used euphemisms, but evidently CNN and NBC didn't punt, using the term, CNN including it in the banner headline at the bottom of their broadcast. The Times ran a story about how the media was handling it. Interesting to follow.

Evening. To bed early, as there was nothing on television of interest, tired of the tablet after the earlier late afternoon session and so lights out to lie wide awake until after eleven. Go figure.

The photo up top was taken last year in January at Lake Merritt with a Nikon D500 mounted with an 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.