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Lake Merritt, Oakland

July 4th, 2001

For Years
Tomorrow I talk with the company web people to see how to make these web pages look the way they are meant to look using Cascading Style Sheets and Netscape. I noticed, finally, that my last year of archives was not displaying in Netscape Navigator. A coding error. Fix the coding error. The type displayed on the journal pages is similarly awful, but it does display, so I went back and looked at one of my earlier pages built with hard coded fonts.

Looks awful. I've been in denial. I assume I'm doing something stupid and I'm pissed, so I'm going to figure out what's wrong. And keep on using IE. Don't give me any crap about Microsoft versus Netscape. I was part of the negotiations when my company licensed the Microsoft desktop. Microsoft is not a nice company and they will carve your heart out for an extra nickel, but their browser works, even when your code is crappy, and Netscape doesn't.

That's about all the fireworks I can manage for the Fourth. I spent a couple of hours down in Jack London Square earlier this afternoon (there will be a fireworks display there tonight), but had no particular ambition to stay until dark. There were live bands, food vendors, people having picnics on the lawns, limited parking and I had one of my cameras, plenty of film, but no tripod. I don't like to pack a tripod. Not even a god damned expensive carbon fiber tripod like the one in my closet. An altogether laid back Fourth of July. Except of the Netscape stuff. Mumble.

I haven't run out of Gay Pride parade photos, although in looking at this one, I'm wondering if I'm San Francisco Gay Pride Parade confusing photographs of attractive and/or interesting women with "good". Probably both. What recommends this one? I'm not sure. I like it. I won't include it on the photography site, once it's up and running. I ran off a print, but it won't go into the portfolio (You know, the pile of prints I have at the back of my desk, the good one's that have managed to avoid peanut butter smudges and jelly stains?). Sometimes it's best not to think about "good" or "bad". Hard enough just to get up in the morning and strap on a camera. Part of my theory that it's better to begin with your photographs or your painting or your writing when nobody's around. Give yourself as many stress free years to practice as you can before the world takes notice and tells you the terrible truth. You are not Philip of Macedonia or Cartier-Bresson. You are not fated to conquer the world.

Difficult, with all that, to jump into school as a newbie with a competitive group of acerbic types who are well skilled in "me - me - me" while you're still finding your feet. Best to have been at it for as long as you can without too much criticism before you learn not all the world shares your parent's convictions, best to understand some of what you're about before you knock on reality's door.

I'm not sure how that applies to old guys who haven't messed with reality for years.

The geese were photographed at Lake Merritt in Oakland. The ladies are participating in the San Francisco Gay Pride parade. The quote is attributed to an English professor at Ohio University.