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San Francisco Gay Pride Parade

July 8th, 2001

Sunday Evening
I've run two different croppings of the same photograph. An attractive image of an attractive woman taken on the fly at the San Francisco Gay Pride parade. I believe she was a spectator, rather than a participant, but either way, it worked. "The girl with the faraway eyes", as in the Mick Jagger song, perhaps, a good example of the look I'm after with my images. I would like to follow someone like her through a day with a camera. Shoot twenty rolls and hope two or three individual photographs turned out this well.

But then again, there are many things I would like to do that I will never push to fruition. Still, as I sit here thinking, there is no reason I couldn't spend a day shooting someone who needed, I don't know, images for her portfolio; someone who was interested in the images for her own purpose.

How original. You want to photograph pretty girls. How many photographers out there confuse their hormones with their art and set out to photograph attractive women?

Yeah, maybe. Old fools, young fools, not much difference. Nice to still have them, of course. Hormones. Urges. Images.

I rented Unbreakable yesterday and played it in the background as I fumbled with theSF Gay Pride parade computer. I'm not exactly sure how it ended. I guess I understand now why it was easy to rent on a weekend so soon after it was released - I don't think it did that much box office for a Bruce Willis film - but I'm not exactly sure why, other than it seemed to plod along without much clarity, but then I suppose I'll never know without replaying the ending, and I'm not up for replaying the ending. I also rented Goya. A little weird, a little interesting. I wonder if the artist actually did most of his painting at night because he liked the way the color looked in candlelight, wearing in the film what looked to be a derby hat with lit candles standing in a line around the brim? The same way many photographers are in love with the early morning and late afternoon sun? Nice image, old Goya, even on a black and white television set. In Spanish with subtitles. I'm happy to have seen it.

I need to wrap this up and do something other than sit at a computer this evening. I was talking with one of the people at the office, someone my age, discussing the jobs he's had over the last few years, both as a contractor and a full time employee. He was saying it would not surprise him if he were blown out the door in another few months, now that the project he's been working on seems to have come to a successful finish. The company has recently been laying off contractors and instituted a hiring freeze, and I suspect employees my age are not on their "retain if at all possible" list. Something to think about, something to plan for, but not something to obsess over. Makes you too paranoid on a Sunday evening.

The photograph was taken at the San Francisco Gay Pride parade. The quote is attributed to an English professor at Ohio University.