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July 7, 2010

Day Wind Down
Wednesday. I have to admit I wasn't looking forward to staying up all night last night and then driving down to the Stanford hospital, a journey of about an hour without too much traffic, having the EEG and then returning who knows when and in what shape. The staying up was the hard part, once six-thirty rolled around I was ready to drive (I'd had about an hour's dosing off in my chair between four and five, not sure if that would be a problem for the test or not), got to the hospital in an hour's time, having set out early to allow for traffic (traffic was fine), waited an hour reading the papers in their patient waiting area before lying down on an examining table in one of their rooms and getting wired up with little sensors stuck to my scalp.

The EEG took just over an hour, I was able to doze off for about half of it, the technician did this and did that, all the while talking, outside of my line of sight and I was back on the road to return for another hour's drive, feeling pretty sharp, actually.

My guess is the body is accustomed to feeling rested in the later mornings, so I got home feeling sharp, went down to my local breakfast place for - what else? - breakfast (my waitresses wondered where I'd been), came back to the apartment and took a bath. Now I'm sitting here at one in the afternoon thinking in terms of a nap: the sky clear, the sun shining, the birds singing and all of the rest of that crap.

We are in a good mood, much better than we were at two in the morning, let me tell you, and ready for the day to begin. Tomorrow. The day begins tomorrow after a good night's rest, breakfast and a trip downtown for my haircut, my hair stylist having called to reschedule the appointment. So life is good (with a little more sleep).

Later. OK, a bus ride downtown thinking I'd like to get an ice cream cone, maybe a package of M&M's, two of the major food groups, getting off at the City Center and walking by my barber shop. Well, this is more a hair salon, we live in the Bay Area, after all. And she was not only there waiting for her next customer to arrive, but had time to take me right then before he or she got there, so I got the hair cut, got the ice cream cone, got the bag of M&M's and walked back down Broadway some part of the way home until a bus came along and here I am.

Well, a little more complicated than that. My hair stylist said they'd been told they'd hear by phone two hours before the Mehserle verdict was announced that it was coming and they would then have to close up and leave the area. OK. All of the store and restaurant owners and employees are to leave the area in those two hours before the verdict is announced? She said it was mandatory. Sounds a little weird, but OK, we'll file it for future reference.

Nothing much in the way of photographs. Another two man crew putting up sheet plywood to cover a building opening along Broadway, a video crew of some kind interviewing passers by out of the picture just off to the side. Another component of the conversation, as the hair was being cut (trimmed, we're not done letting it grow yet), the whole area is on pins and needles with the trial about to wrap up. I did notice more security around, a group of three policemen walking through the City Center in full military style gear, bullet proof vests and the like. Private security guards, more than usual, walking along Broadway. I took a picture of the building with the Oscar Grant mural from across the street. Not much to show for pictures, but I was tired.

But enough of this, I was definitely winding down, got on the bus, got off the bus to shoot a quick photograph at the lake and walked back to the apartment for another nap. I suspect that's the way the rest of the day will go, what there is left of the day. Pick the guitar up, maybe pick a desultory note or two, take another nap, turn in early, restart the engine tomorrow, let that day unfold. let this day wind down.

The photograph was taken at the 2010 San Francisco Gay Pride Parade with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 70 - 200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens at f 4.5 at 1/100th second, ISO 400.