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July 10, 2010

Skip The Sake
Saturday. The morning starts well, I think, no “oh my god what am I doing up and out of bed?” thoughts as the light brightens through the bedroom curtains, breakfast good at the usual place, the papers read, home now thinking of taking a walk. No recent late nights, long days or other distractions to warp the morning.

I did manage to hose my Google browser, though, downloading what I thought was a Flash update through a Facebook app. Not good to play with the Facebook apps, it sent some garbled invitation in my name to everyone on my Facebook list asking them to watch a video. In the process of the Flash update my anti-virus program went ape shit and started warning me of evil programs being loaded. The first couple I thought were part of the Flash update and I let them through before stopping the process. My, my. A computer professional letting something like this happen. Cold sober too.

Anyway, my much used Google Chrome browser, even after an un-install re-install won't connect to anything on the Internet, including Google itself, and I'm now using the Microsoft product. We'll get it straightened out, perhaps even load this Windows 7 upgrade I bought in desperation during the last malware attack, so I'll let it lie. But I wonder if everyone goes through this crap on a regular basis? I suspect they might even if they're careful, but not so careful I am having issues. Issues with tissues. (I know, I know.)

Later. A short walk through the farmer's market taking a picture of the current Grand Lake theater message, passing the exercise group out on the lawn by the Lakeshore branch library, a walk farther down to have something to drink at my morning café and then return to the apartment.

They ran stories in today's papers about the Mehresle trial demonstration Thursday night, mentioning the damage done after dark, some of it extending well beyond the area I photographed yesterday. Turns out, of the eighty or so people they arrested, about two-thirds were from outside Oakland. Two or three of the stores looted were obviously targeted by people who knew what they wanted and where they could find it inside. Such is life in Oakland. As I said, it keeps the real estate prices down. Nice place to live otherwise. (No, really. If you don't have kids in need a decent school system.)

So what to do? Clean the place up a bit, get ready to head up to Portland, pack the cameras and such? Arrange to have the apartment manager look in from time to time? Take another crack at the balcony, scrub its cement floor again now that there's no kitty litter about. Stuff to do, very little interest in doing any of it. Such again is the life I'm afraid..

Later still. The eyes seemed a bit blurry from the hours at the computer (what's that about?), so I lay down for a while thinking ocular migraine. One day it's this, one day it's that. Still, good to lie down. I've had a really deep scan of the primary computer drive running now for the last two hours and it's found some nasty looking trojans and stuff that I obviously picked up from somewhere. So that's good, we'll delete the bastards when the scan finishes in what looks like another couple of hours.

The day is nice, it's just after two, I'm thinking of walking somewhere to find something to eat from my list of things I should be eating if I could think of a place that offers such in the area. There's a Korean restaurant just down the way along with a Thai restaurant that probably offers decent food (watch the MSG the neurologist said), so we'll see. What am I saying? I'm blathering. I won't check out either of them. I believe there's some cereal left, we'll make do.

So the excitement for the day is done. A short walk just now around the lake, a single picture taken, the computer scan done and the various bugs deleted (Chrome is still hosed), evening approaching. Some puttering around with pictures, I think, some lightweight this and lightweight that, take it easy for the rest of the day, the rest of the weekend, the rest of the life. And it's going well, given the alternatives, so we'll enjoy it now. Right now. Maybe skip the sake though.

The photograph was taken at the 2010 San Francisco Gay Pride Parade with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 70 - 200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens at f 4 at 1/400th second, ISO 400.