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July 29, 2010

As I'm Playing
Thursday. A decent start to the day. Awoke an hour earlier than I was hoping, but went right back to sleep. Up then at six, to breakfast at six-thirty, home now at eight. An hour's drive to the neurologist's later this morning for a late eleven o'clock appointment and a gig later in the early evening attending with Mr. E to hear Mr. S's band play. Nice to have a friend in a band, gives you an excuse to get out of the house now and again and, in this case, an excuse to take pictures. All this excitement today with the guitar arriving tomorrow. My, my. The wind is just whipping by.

I have noted some improvement in my ability to pick out notes in some semblance of order and cadence. The three chords are now easy to finger, although I'm still too slow in fingering between them quickly. That I can now see will come, soon enough, and this is good. I suspect you do have to see some progress or you lose interest. We're talking baby steps here, we're not talking walking. We're talking inexpert crawling. Inexpert attempts at crawling, but better than being trapped flat on your back unable to move, I'm guessing.

So again, the attitude good. Now, as long as the neurologist doesn't have any bad news arising from the brain scan and the EEG and the blood tests and all the rest, maybe the day will end even better. He mentioned he might have something for the sinus-upper palate problem, that would be nice. Give it a try. It does get in the way, hey, at this age or at any age. Doesn't seem to affect the guitar efforts, but it keeps you timid in getting it together to go out and shoot pictures. Yes it do, it really do, here in Oakland.

Later. None of the tests indicated anything out of order, which is good. He mentioned the MRI, the fine detail brain scan, was the best he'd ever seen. By best he'd ever seen he meant there was no damage whatsoever to any of the capillaries, none that even this fine detail scan could see, the brain scan a thirty year old would be very happy to see. Not sure what that means in the scheme of things, but he asked what it was I did that produced such results, particularly since I'd had high blood pressure since my thirties and atrial fibrillation for almost two decades. No damage whatsoever to the capillaries. Hell, I don't know. I certainly did all of those things that do damage to the body when I was younger. Still play patty-cake with one or two of them today.

So good. Return in three months for a follow up, call him if there's a flare up of some kind. Let's hope there's no flare ups of some kind. He did mention my sinuses were impacted. I think he said impacted. Something was out of whack. Said it could be contributing to the sinus-upper palate problem, so it's off to see an ear, nose and throat guy. He gave me a reference in (where else?) Palo Alto. Stanford Hospital. OK. I may use him, may use the guy I went to up here many years ago when this started as he seemed knowledgable. Good to go to people who seem knowledgable or, at least, good at pulling wool.

The guitar stand has yet to be delivered. Sometimes they come around now, sometimes they come after six. Doesn't much matter. The guitar it's coming to hold isn't due until tomorrow anyway.

We seem to be getting antsy about this guitar arrival, do we not?

I would hope. What's the use of learning to play an instrument if it doesn't get you excited?

Later again. A call from Mr. E suggesting we skip the band this evening and get together for a beverage tomorrow evening instead. I was sitting at my morning café having a raisin bagel with cream cheese and a cup of coffee thinking, well, it's been a long day etc. etc., so I was easy to convince. We'll skip the performance this evening and take in another one coming up next week.

A walk home then to find my guitar stand sitting in a tall box beside the front door to the apartment building. Nice it's here, but not so nice had someone come along and taken it with them. It's not an expensive stand, but still. Anyway, it's sitting in the living room with the rented guitar comfortably in its grasp, the Stratocaster to come tomorrow. We'll do a picture of the both of them perched together.

So a good day I must say. An overcast morning, but a sunny late morning and afternoon. The drive to and back from the doctor's was straightforward, no problems, no fatal conditions noted. The head feels pretty good at the moment, it often feels better in the later afternoons and evenings. What does that mean? Have no idea. I got in a half hour's practice earlier this morning, I'm thinking another hour starting about now. They're throwing more songs at me in the beginner's book, some of which, as I'm playing, I can recognize.

The photograph was taken last Saturday at the Grand Avenue Farmer's Market with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 105mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR Micro lens.