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July 10, 2013

Not Great Day
Wednesday. A morning not unlike yesterday morning in getting up after the alarm to head out and back from breakfast, but no haircut appointment (obviously), so home to post yesterday's entry and then take a nap. Like down and zone out, listening to the radio drone on in the background for more than an hour. Feel better for the nap, but I'm still not quite fully awake as it now approaches noon.

The big existential question at the moment is what camera with which lens to take with me where? The old five “w” conundrum: what, which, when, why, where? And here you thought we'd long ago gone to sleep and forgone the important questions of the day. Hey.

You can stop right now.

Later. A slow morning, a slow afternoon. The usual short walk over to the lake to clear the head, taking a picture or two just to press the shutter, back then to take a nap. Tired, totally uninterested in doing anything. The blahs combined with aching sinuses.

A bus to the morning café for lunch. I didn't feel like walking. Didn't want to go downtown, didn't want to go to the usual place for lunch. I won't say what I ate, but it included ice cream and lemonade.

That bad?

No hint of nutrition.

A walk back to the apartment noting for the first time how many sailboats there were out on the lake. I've never seen them in this number and wonder if they've recently opened a sailboat rental shop and this was the result. Could be. They were advertising free sailboat rentals on recent weekends, maybe as an introduction, get people aware they were available when they saw them out sailing on the lake for the first time, get them out there with them.

Back to take another nap, this one lasting for something like two hours. Only a few minutes of sleep, but two hours with the eyes closed drifting comfortably in the clouds. Why? I have no idea. I suspect there will now be days like these and I'll have to get used to them. Better this than some of the other stories you hear however. Yes.

Evening. The usual Wednesday Don Matteo at six, so I watched Democracy Now while futzing with the guitar. Futzing, not playing. The various exercises that lead up to playing. We need to do better. The sinuses have been acting up all day, ratcheting it up even further now that it's evening. Another dose of the pain meds, see if that doesn't help. This day is pretty much a write off I'm afraid.

OK. Something unexpected. Sitting, watching a Chinese subtitled movie at the computer on Netflix, the story line (not a bad one at all, they're lucky to be found) that started to blend into my head until I realized I was experiencing an ocular event, a fairly potent one, the mouth tasting as bad as it's ever tasted and worse, turning off the lights and computer at eight and stumbling to bed. Just like that. The perfect bad ending to a not great day.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.