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July 14, 2013

In This Race
Sunday. To bed before ten, up at seven-thirty on another overcast morning to head off to breakfast. Came home and went to bed. Up now after eleven feeling less tired, but not sure I'm ready to go downtown and photograph whatever aftermath from last night's demonstrations, more (from reading Twitter) scheduled for later this afternoon. Still, not nearly so tired, the head will eventually come together, we'll go, bring a camera, take pictures. We will. Pretty soon.

Later. A bus downtown to walk over to the corner of 14th and Broadway to see what might be left of last night's Trayvon Martin demonstration and then to walk through the City Center (I was thinking of coffee, but everything was closed) and on Broadway and Telegraph to photograph the broken windows and workers cleaning up the damage.

I felt a certain hesitation in taking them, a certain distortion arising in only showing last night's damage without adding in some way the rationale and passion that had put so many people in the street. Again, though: a nice day and nobody's throwing stones.

No particular sense in the buildings whose windows were broken, maybe just the vagaries of the route chosen by a meandering crowd, so pictures and then a bus home to sort them out. I'll put a section together and decide then if I'll put them up or not. How to make broken windows interesting photo after photo after photo? Another thing to learn (if I'm to become a broken window photographer).

It's late afternoon and feeling reasonably good. No longer particularly tired, although I've wondered if the aching sinuses don't have a “feeling tired” aspect about them. Not sure why they would, not at all clear if it could possibly be true, but these various symptoms tend to mix and add together and become hard to sort out.

Evening. Another Annika Bengtzon (intrepid Swedish reporter) episode, but another one I've recently seen, so recently I remember who done it and how it turns out, so we'll go with the talking heads on the local PBS station instead, play the guitar and watch (the young) Inspector Morse later at nine. I'm able to watch the “young Morse” in the few episodes I've seen so far, but only so far. Not sure how far so far will go.

Picky, picky.

As long as we're sitting here feeling OK, as we do at the moment, a successful weekend behind us, we'll go along with adding picky to the package and figure we're still ahead in this race.

The photo up top was taken of the aftermath, this morning, of last night's Trayvon Martin demonstration with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-70mm f/2.8 G Nikkor lens.