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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


July 10, 2018


Tuesday. Lights out at ten the sinus-upper palate aching more strongly than it has in quite a while and making it more difficult to get to sleep. Well, perhaps more accurately, the night was spent half asleep with many glances at the clock as the hours rolled along. Even with this I was wide awake at five-thirty and so took a blood pressure reading at five forty-five:, 104/67. OK, futzed along getting ready to head out for breakfast, the mood and the energy pretty good, the sinus-upper palate docile since first light. Go figure.

Bright sun walking to breakfast, the temperature fine, the eyes not watering, the restaurant open when I arrived. My, my.

Ordered a cheese and mushroom omelet, country potatoes, toast, fruit cup and coffee for breakfast. Democracy Now! had pretty much covered the Trump Supreme Court nominee as I was getting up and so skipped the court pick stories, but still found enough to read to set out for home a later than usual, finding little other than litter for pictures before we got to the Lakeside school.

A bright sun, warm, a picture of but one Lime scooter by the lake as what I'm assuming had been a line of perhaps ten of them half an hour before, people having activated them and set off to wherever people take them this hour of the morning. There were again two Bird scooters located where they'd been on the way to breakfast.

I did have an idea of how to catch up on some editing here in the middle of not sleeping last night. I've been letting things slide and so maybe I'll follow through and see if I get them done. Again, for all these concerns over lack of sleep, the morning has started well.

Later. An hour's attempt at a nap, up finally, feeling better, to look at the France-Belgium World Cup match, watching enough to catch the French winning goal, but still without a clue as to the game. Maybe something you need to play when you're young, something I wasn't exposed to in school.

A bus to the City Center to have a chicken Caesar salad and coffee at the bagel shop out at one of their tables in the sun. Probably shouldn't have picked a table in the sun as the light wind breaker jacket I was wearing over a t-shirt made life in the sun much too warm. Ah, well. A walk by the construction site at 17th and Broadway, taking the camera out of the backpack to shoot a couple of pictures, on then to catch the bus home at Grand. Did I mention it was warm? Well past the time to go home.

Evening. Nothing on television, the blood pressure reading 123/72 at four thirty-five, 119/73 after taking the blood pressure med at seven-fifteen. Seems to be coming together, but we'll continue to watch. Lights out before ten, maybe get some sleep tonight.

The San Francisco LGBT Pride Parade taken with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.