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Family party in Seattle.
July 27th, 1999

Time For Bed
I went to Barnes & Noble today and picked up copies of Bartlett's Familiar Quotations and Roget's Thesaurus with the idea of using them with my journal. Bartlett's was shrink wrapped so I couldn't thumb through it, but since it's the standard, I bought it over some others that had a number of quotations about diaries. Bartlett's has Oscar Wilde's famous "I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train", but that's the only diary quote I could find in the book so I'll go back, I guess, and look again.

My recollection about the quotes in the other books (about paper diaries, none of this electronic stuff) was for god's sake, if you're After the Gilbert and Sullivan performance in Seattle. going to keep one, write down all the close to the bone kept you up last night never talked about in public good stuff or otherwise why make the effort? I'm reminded of stories told by Catholic friends who as little kids had to go to confession and being scared to death because they really didn't have anything to confess, no burglaries, kisses, hot fucks or nasty habits at the age of 6, so they'd make stuff up like, "well yesterday I was upset and said 'damn!' (under my breath)". Later on in their lives many of these same friends managed to put together some really good material for confessionals, but by then they'd lapsed and had to undergo the additional frustration of not being able to use it the way god intended.

I'm leading here to the lack of fireworks in my current life. I can recount an old story or two, but quite honestly, I'm tired of all that. If I was into recounting the past I'd write a book about it. In my 20's and 30's when things were jumpier I could have told some interesting stories if only because I was up for interesting stories and liked to hang out with people who made them happen. I'm not sure how comfortable I'd have been writing in those days, had there been an Internet, particularly since there really isn't any way to do it anonymously and get away with it, but I would have given it a try. Rereading it now however many years later might have been a kick.

I'm not sure where this started or where it ended up, but what the hell, it's Tuesday night and it's time for bed.

The banner photograph was taken across the street from the family party in Seattle. The photograph of my cousin was taken at the theater after the performance of Gilbert and Sullivan's The Grand Duke.