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Here In Oakland

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June 7, 2013

Caught My Interest
Friday. A decent night's sleep I suspect, although I got up somewhat slowly a little later than I usually like this morning. Off to breakfast and back, the D3s mounted with the 24-70mm f/2.8 lens misfiring a couple of times as I documented the change in gas prices and photographed the pandorea blossoms. It's happened before and usually cleaning the contacts takes care of the problem, but I suspect there may well be more than just simple maintenance required. Such is camera life. Things do happen.

Off now to get the haircut at ten. I moved it from next Tuesday to today to allow for the jury duty notice I'd received to report for duty on Monday morning. They've always canceled in the past, but best to make arrangements just in case. They say life is easier if you do these things, so we'll see.

Later. A bus downtown to have the haircut in the City Center, a walk then back up Broadway, having missed the return bus by all of a minute, watching it drive on into the sunset from across the street. Fine, sat for a while in the City Center in the sun before walking up Broadway to Grand passing a high school graduation going on in the Fox theater, a bus at Grand back home.

I did get off and pick up a steak sandwich to have for lunch, a bit of the late morning ocular thing having disturbed my walk and the first part of my bus ride back. Nothing serious or I wouldn't have stopped by the burger drive-in for the sandwich, but disconcerting (to say the least). Such is life. I've had the sandwich and the ocular business is gone. We'll do a nap now, though, to drive a stake through its heart.

Later still. A brief nap. If I didn't get in any sleep I at least zoned out for a bit, feel better now. Odd again (and again and again) how they seem to come at the same times during the day, around ten to eleven is the big one, later in the afternoon the other.

I keep thinking in terms of diet, eating this or eating that, but perhaps the diet has nothing to do with it. This morning it was a plain waffle with sliced bananas and strawberries and coffee, another cup of coffee (both cut half with water) before getting the haircut, so maybe I should avoid coffee in the future, see if that makes a difference for about the third or fourth time I've tried the experiment.

I've been following Glenn Greenwald's breaking stories in The Guardian these last couple of days. I discovered Greenwald's column in Salon and followed him when he moved to The Guardian, have donated money for his upkeep (along with many others) on a couple of occasions (and will continue to do so) to keep him writing. I've given up on Obama and his secrecy state administration.

You've gone over to the other side?

I've come to the point where I believe we do indeed need to change the way our political system currently operates, get the money and the people with money out of our elections so that we can have the people as a whole again represented in these deliberations. If I were younger I suspect I'd change my direction in some way to help make that happen. Now, well, I'll take pictures as things develop (as long as I don't have to go out after dark or drive across any bridges).

Sounds like you've become a regular fire brand.

Let's not be too cruel to the aging here, there are seniors present.

Evening. Nothing on television at six, but spent the time on the guitar. I remembered this is the first Friday of the month and so the Oakland Art Murmur is going on over on Telegraph and Broadway, but I'm not really up for the Art Murmur, although the weather is unusually nice and I'm feeling good. Not good enough to set out and take pictures, I guess, but these things happen. The Lake Merritt Oaklavia Festival is coming up on Sunday that will make up for it.

To bed early again, but after I watch more of this English detective thing, which seems to have caught my interest, on one of the public television stations.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco Carnaval Parade with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.