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June 10, 2013

Early I Think
Monday. Up with the alarm to walk to breakfast this morning so I could then take a bus from the restaurant downtown and walk to the Alameda Superior Court house to report for jury duty by eight-thirty. Which is what I did. Turns out there's a morning schedule bus that arrives in front of the restaurant at seven-forty, which worked out just fine (there was even an empty seat).

So, the court house, setting out without a camera (they weren't going to like seeing a camera in the jury box) or a cell phone (I could have brought the cell phone), to sit for three hours as they did this and did that, calling up the first group of people to head out for a court located in a nearby building (I wasn't called) before telling the rest of us two hours later we were excused (for another year). Evidently the second scheduled trial was settled at the last minute and there was no need for thee or me. Deedle-dee-dee.

A walk back to Broadway missing the bus by five minutes, a cup of coffee and a raspberry shortcake cookie in the Rotunda building (they are good, these raspberry cookies) and then a bus back to the apartment to get yesterday's entry in order and post it. I wasn't in the mood to prepare for today's jury journey by finishing it last night. Sometimes you are, sometimes you're not.

The usual sinus, nose and back of the headache, the back of the head and neck easing with a little massage I've noticed, maybe just something everyone experiences with older age. Perhaps a heating pad or something that vibrates, they advertise enough of them - half off, no actual money for many months, maybe they actually work. In getting you to buy. No signs of ocular anythings, which was nice, as I hadn't thought too much about how that might play out, but something to remember for the future. I could still be a juror, but it would be less wonderful with one than it would be otherwise.

It would.

Later. A walk to the usual place for lunch, this time a hamburger (no onions, but tomato and lettuce, pickle on the side), ice cream and a lemonade. My waitress felt I needed more substantial food after such a long day with the court. And who's to say? Maybe I did.

A walk back, ending up walking again along the lake taking a picture of a gondola up against the floating barrier that protects the lake from floating stuff that enters through the underground streams, corralling it so the volunteer groups and lake employees can scoop it up. At least that's been my assumption.

Anyway, taking the picture a fellow standing next to me said he was being pushed up against the barrier by the wind, which was brisk (but not too cold) and that he was stuck. Looking at the area of boat above water exposed to the wind I suspect he may have been right. Which means the oarsman is, um, out of luck. Pretty exciting stuff for a Monday afternoon here in Oakland, I'd think.

You've said this before, no need to tell us again. And again. And again....

I keep telling you: retirement is a trip to Wonderland, adds a spin to the most ordinary things, sharpens the brain and loosens the tongue.

Evening. Nothing on at six on Mondays, so more work finishing up the one section for both HereInOakland and artandlife. Just squeaked through without too much time spent rationalizing my choices. Not for the first time. We'll leave it at that.

There's a new Korean program starting at 8:20, we'll see what it's about. Can't be much worse than the one it's replacing.

The one you watched more often than not.

Let's not bring that up. It raises serious questions about my taste and intelligence, my taste in television and my intelligence in mentioning it in public.

More guitar as we check it out and then to bed early, I think. Hope.

The photo up top was taken at Love Our Lake Day (Oaklavia) yesterday with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.