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June 13, 2013

In The Morning
Thursday. To bed again early, reasonably early, up with the alarm without effort and off to breakfast and back on another sunny morning, stopping by the supermarket for spaghetti on the way home. Couldn't think of anything else I might want. Silly. The kitchen larder (except for spaghetti sauce) is essentially bare.

So far, so good. I was thinking of doing the laundry, but didn't. A nap now I think, clean out any cobwebs that may be hiding in there just in case. Two pair of Levi's are due to arrive today from Amazon, replacing two pair of old Land's End denims that have finally worn out. Pretty exciting stuff to find on my plate on an Oakland June morning. Bracing, like the wind. Gets the juices flowing.

Best, I think, to take that nap.

Later. About an hour of dozing while listening to the radio - good, we've gotten that out of the system - up to take a brief walk over to the lake and then back, taking a picture or two with the new lens to see how it might change perspective and the pictures, where one scene with a normal lens will lead to one image, zeroing in on just a smaller part of the scene will lead to another. Start another learning curve. Which is nice. A plus side of the hobby.

It's approaching noon, too early to call it a day. One of the two pairs of Levi's arrived earlier through UPS this morning. I should probably wash them, see if there's any shrinkage before I think to buy more. In the old days..., well, they'd shrink an inch or so in size. Land's End denims don't, although I suspect, in this new age, Levi's won't either.

You hope.

At least it will encourage me to do the laundry tomorrow.

Later still. A walk to the morning café for ice cream and lemonade. Not the thing to be eating when you're still wrestling with three extra pounds, but the day is nice, a walk was in order and I didn't add anything else from their menu. Right?

The second pair of Levi's showed up just now through FedEx, a light brown pair this time. Light grey and light brown, a deviation from my blue denim obsession habit. I have many shirts and pairs of pants, all made out of the same fabric, all the same or similar color. Probably why I subscribe to Vanity Fair for their occasionally good political articles and skip anything relating to fashion.

Some of the models are attractive.

As a photographer one pays attention to the photographs for learning purposes. You understand.

Evening. The day has gone - zip! - just like that. A good day, perhaps not quite like yesterday with all the extra energy it displayed, but good enough to put it solidly in the plus column.

I did watch the second chapter of a French detective series that started last week at the six o'clock slot. A bit, well, who knows the term, but palatable. An older (ahem!) detective returning to clean up an old mess of his in Paris, sixty going on sixteen. This on the heels of a Netflix film I'd watched earlier in the late in the afternoon. To bed now unless there's something I'm not aware of at nine.

Hmm. Well, it is Thursday and there was an Elementary on at ten. One I realized I'd obviously seen before from the very first scene, but another one I've seen where I couldn't remember who done it or how it devolved. Still, after ten, what are we doing up this late after complaining? To bed, we'll let Elementary drone on without me. Another gold star for this decision I'd think, to be awarded in the morning.

The photo up top was taken along Lake Merritt last week with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6 VR Nikkor lens.