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June 21, 2013

Thin This Month
Friday. There was an Elementary on last night at ten, but I'd seen it before, but wasn't sure I'd seen it before until I'd checked, so to bed again just after ten. I'm obviously a flake. Still, awake before the alarm to get up and head out to breakfast, the sun shining, a good day ahead. A picture of the wilted looking pandorea flowers. Not sure why that's happening, it probably could use more water or less coffee, perhaps, courtesy of patio diners.

Home to work on yesterday's entry before posting. Took time and generated thoughts on how to change this to make it better and decided finally to take a bath and refresh the head. And wash the hair.

Later. A walk over to the lake more to test the temperature than anything else, the air clear, the geese around and about, two volunteers patrolling the shore looking for dead bodies, discarded plastic and cigarette butts. No thought to hop a bus downtown, no thought yet of lunch, so a walk back to the apartment remembering I'd forgotten to run the Protime test on the little home unit. You tend to forget deadlines when they involve sticking your fingertips with a needle.

The test done, the results looking good and phoned into the testing service, all automated, easy enough even for us old folks, a thought now to go downtown and look around.

Look around?

I have no idea for what, but it's t-shirt weather and I have a need to get out and about.

Later still. Whenever I eat or drink, doesn't matter if it's hot food or cold, the sinuses loosen up and I more often than not have to blow my nose. Which hadn't really been the case for me in my first sixty-eight years, at least in what I remember of those years. Now, for these last two years, I do as I did this early afternoon in downtown Oakland after a cup of coffee and two almond Biscotti at an outside table on Washington Street. Blowing your nose after a cold will usually give you that cooling air over warm sinuses feeling, clearing the head, giving you energy, reinventing the world. As it did this afternoon. Which is nice.

Yes, a bus downtown to walk toward the City Center - feeling good, no complaints - but hearing and then seeing a band of some kind set up in front of City the Hall, a group dancing in front of the band, so a walk by to take a picture or two. My, my. Glad I'd decided to come.

Over in the City Center a youth orchestra was playing, not sure why today other than it's a Friday. They advertise the Wednesday noon concerts, but I have no idea if this was a special concert to celebrate something or just done for the hell of it. Anyway, pictures. Of course, pictures, before walking on to Washington Street, realizing as I approached, this is farmers market Friday and the place was crowded (and where I had that cup of coffee and almond Biscotti. Have I mentioned I do like those almond Biscotti? Less so the chocolate?

A good afternoon, back now on the bus, no thought to stay on and get off at the usual place for lunch. Maybe later, maybe not, we're still two of those three pounds over target. Two pounds. A little effort and they'd go, but we're lazy and no longer worry they'll find friends and grow. Ho, ho.

Evening. Nothing on television, so a Netflix movie while playing the guitar. A decent session on the guitar. To bed early (he said, repeated, hand over heart, fingers crossed). Leaf through the four magazines that arrived in the mail, the photography magazines looking a bit thin this month.

The photo up top was taken at the 2013 San Francisco Carnaval Parade with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.