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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


June 25, 2020


Thursday. To sleep after eleven to awaken after six, missing the first half of Democracy Now!, to get up and out the door to walk to breakfast under overcast skies, taking a picture just as I was leaving the apartment of the Element owned by another tenant in the building. Like the sign. Arrived at the usual time to enter the closed off dining area, turn on the lights and settle in with the papers as always.

The two strips of bacon, scrambled eggs, country potatoes, toast, fruit cup and coffee again, finishing up by just after nine and leaving under what were still overcast skies, although they're still saying up into the mid-seventies later in the afternoon. A greater percentage of the few people I passed on the sidewalks both coming in and now going home seemed to be wearing masks. Maybe the exhortations in the news have been having an effect with the increases in COVID-19 cases, maybe not. Let's hope.

A bicycle rider stopped at the 580 Overpass light this time, more scooters by the lake, so they're still putting them out in this neighborhood, home to take the selfie in the lobby and then settle in to finish yesterday's entry and start with this.

Later. I finished watching the Korean series, sixteen episodes each well over an hour in length, thinking they could have told their story in half the time. Well, I've been going on and on over this, best that it's done.

Are we getting stir crazy yet?

A little more, a little less.

Evening. Watched most of Vera at eight, the problem in making out their accents not getting any easier. I'd seen it before, but didn't remember who'd done it or particularly want to finish watching and find out. To bed then before ten as I've been doing these last several nights.

The photo up top was taken at the 2016 San Francisco Carnaval Parade with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.