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March 3, 2010

Outside Again
Wednesday. Up early, raining, sitting here an hour or so before heading out for breakfast. Feeling pretty good. I was able to redo some earlier photographs yesterday for artandlife, replacing smaller ones done years ago with larger ones, no great feat deserving a pat on the back, but I'm making progress in getting this photography adventure in order, doing what real photographers are reputed to do in producing their work.

Things are coming together, weird hallucinogenic episodes aside. We're still comfortable this will be a pivotal year where I adjust the head to retirement and angels will thereby come in the evenings to sing me to sleep. Breakfast and the papers do just fine for starting a day, but acapella angels singing in the distance would be a nice addition to a glass or two of Merlot (for old times sake) at night.

Enough of that crap.

If we ever get enough of that crap we'll have to hang up our journaler's shoes, doodle-de-do's.

Later. Back from breakfast this rainy morning in one piece, again, feeling good. The day is crappy, but I'm up here in the apartment with the heater keeping the living room toasty, the two new lamps casting a warm glow on the far wall. This is all good. And the rain, they keep saying, adds to the reservoirs, makes this next year feasible for us city dwellers. Well, relaxing in a bath without worrying about how much water you're using feasible.

Do you worry about your water use?

Shit no, too many other things to worry about, no need to add to the list. Besides, I don't use much in the way of water anyway, through sloth, not through any thoughts of conservation. We are into conservation, we have our little Safeway cloth bag to bring our supermarket purchases home, we throw our paper in the paper bin, our glass and plastic in the glass and plastic bin and we walk through the weekly farmer's market, although we haven't bought anything yet. We are cool with conservation.

Later still. A break in the rain, the sun out, a bus ride downtown to pick up the new prescription for the lungs. Two inhalations a day, twelve hours apart, the first down there right now doing whatever it does. I've heard the name before, I believe they run ads on TV. We'll see. Tomorrow, when they're projecting sun rather than rain, I'll take a crack at getting the x-rays done. I will. Yes. Not sure why I have thoughts of putting it off other than no longer trusting hospitals, doctors and such. Just the cranky in cranky old man cutting up. Pay no attention, I seemed to have turned into a cartoon version of myself. Grab the camera, go out and take a picture. Relax. It's Wednesday, no reason to fret.

Later again (and it's only one). The sky is full of clouds, but the sun is holding out. A walk down the way to have lunch. I don't usually have lunch, at least not at a restaurant, but I had a light breakfast and the weight is holding just fine and, well, I told myself I was hungry even if I wasn't. Good enough reasoning in my world, not all that different than when I'm rationalizing another piece of camera equipment on an empty bank account. Some work now on the photo projects I think, no need to go outside again. Diddle-dee-den.

The photograph was taken at the San Francisco 2010 Chinese Lunar New Year Parade with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 70 - 200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VRII lens at f 5 at 1/100th second, ISO 640.