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March 10, 2010

Be Long Now
Wednesday. Bright sun, good; back from breakfast, good; dentist's appointment in another hour, bad but good; the day ahead, ambivalent. Oh, and those shoes that arrived yesterday look great except they're just a tad too small. Bad. But they'll stretch, they're not all that small (he said with great confidence vowing to never buy shoes again online). That pretty much encapsulates the morning, no complaints whatsoever about the sun being out and bright, all my daily ruts in place, albeit with toes butting up against the tips of my shoes. Idiot. Best to be honest with oneself, even if oneself doesn't take oneself all that seriously. Life is much smoother and enjoyable if you don't take yourself too seriously, he said. Seriously.

Later. Back now from the dentist's, arriving three minutes late because I had it fixed in my head the appointment was for 9:45 when it was 9:15, seeing it just in time and making good time on the highway, otherwise I'd have arrived to my consternation much later. I'm one of these people who have extreme difficulty arriving late for any appointment, something I've gotten my hands around over time. I don't show up early for parties, dinners and such, freaking out the hosts, but for something like a dentist's appointment located far enough away so the traffic can make a big difference, I often show up ten or twenty minutes early and sit in their waiting room guiltless.

I've been told it's the other side of the “never arrives on time” coin, they both come from the same weird subconscious world, the Yin and Yang of what it means to keep an appointment.

Oh, and I have to return at 1:00 to start the process of getting the crown (done in 1993) replaced. Best to do it, I know that, but two dentist's appointments in one day, who would want to even think about it? A walk I think, right now while the sun is shining, see if these shoes really are a disaster.

Later still. So, the shoes are sitting on the bedroom floor being stretched by a pair of shoe trees, quite tight they look in those shoe trees, maybe they'll do them some good. Yes, the shoes are tight as opposed to just snug, too short rather than too narrow and it's my fault. But we'll see. Anger will cause me to go out to a shoe store and get a proper pair if they really are too small, but I haven't given up yet.

This, as I set out earlier for the bus stop, is the third one I've seen in as many weeks. I believe it's a new program they've introduced here in Oakland. I believe they put them on cars that are both illegally parked and who's license plate comes up in the unpaid parking ticket database. Aren't computers wonderful? I'm less inclined to be judgmental when I see things like this, thumbing my nose and feeling superior, and wonder more often these days who's car it might be, are they employed, what's happening in their lives to which this shitty little episode will add that much more grief? And then, of course, I take a picture if I feel the urge and forget about it.

A bit of a walk today in my slightly too tight - not snug, but too tight - shoes; a bus ride home, catching the bus across from the Paramount theater as hundreds of people were exiting, some carrying little American flags, many carrying what looked like diplomas in their hands, vendors on the sidewalk selling padded and embossed folders you see college diplomas kept and displayed. Little American flags? A naturalization ceremony of some kind? I suspect it was. Lifted my spirits for some reason, tight shoes and all.

So to the dentist's again in another hour. Maybe have lunch at Solano Sushi and say hello to Kenny. The sushi shop down at the bottom of my hill, now called Coach Sushi, once called Mr. Sushi, was owned and run by Kenny and his wife for many years and we became friends through a mutual interest in photography. He thought long and hard about opening a portrait shop, one of those step in and get a picture of whatever size on the spot, before opening a new sushi shop on Solano not all that far from my dentist's office.

Later again. The temporary crown is now in place, aching like a son of a gun, although I've just now taken my afternoon pain medication and assume it will soon go away. I've had crowns replaced before, who hasn't, but I'd forgotten the steps. Go by Solano Sushi afterward for lunch? When they say absolutely don't eat anything for at least an hour?

So we'll take it easy for the rest of the day, maybe get into some of that Merlot I've had sitting on my kitchen counter now for several days. Sake and wine usually don't last all that long around here as I'm fond of a glass or two in the evenings except, well, lately I've been feeling my head is fuzzy enough as it is, no need to add alcohol.

An hour has passed, the teeth near the temporary cap are still aching, but less maybe. “Won't be long now”, he said to Ms. Emmy.

The photograph was taken at the San Francisco 2010 Chinese Lunar New Year Parade with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 70 - 200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VRII lens at f 5 at 1/100th second, ISO 640.