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March 12, 2010

All These Years
Friday. Back from breakfast on a cloudy morning, they're saying rain later in the afternoon and from the look of the sky I believe them. Still, sun tomorrow for the St. Patrick's Day Parade and then the CD release party Pladdohg is holding in Lafayette later in the evening. One cannot complain about a little rain as long as it doesn't overstay its welcome.

I was thinking last night about my flippant comment that my mornings and evenings tend to run well, but the afternoons remain iffy. And last night I was indeed feeling just fine, thank you, all comments about Korean soaps aside, and figured it had something more to do with physical well being, the state of the sinus-head thing and such, rather than any psychological hurdles that need to be negotiated. So we'll think about that.

Meanwhile another blood test today to be sure the adjustments they made in the blood thinner have worked, they were quite adamant about getting it done today, not Monday, no later, and so I figure however far out of whack it had gotten it had gotten their attention. So a trip to the hospital. Maybe even that chest x-ray, since the lungs are still struggling. Hi, ho. And here I go on about my afternoons oblivious to the symptoms that surround me. Thank god for wine and sake is all I can say, this growing older would be much less wonderful without them.

You're bullshitting.

I find it soothing in the mornings, this “bullshitting”.

Later. Late morning now and it's raining pretty hard, a run over to the hospital for the blood test - an easy park, go in and get out - home now thinking of a nap. The head is buzzing a bit in a kind of laid back feels good tingling you get sometimes (when you're lucky) and it should be useful one would expect in dozing off. So we'll see. Right now.

Later still. An hour drifting off, maybe even a little sleep just now, good; the rain still coming down full tilt, ambivalent as long as it's a trade for sun tomorrow; the attitude stable. I drove over to the local Seven-Eleven look alike earlier to pick up a tuna fish sandwich, an ice cream cone and a small bag of sea salt potato chips. The tuna fish and the chips tasted like blah, but the ice cream was good. Hard to imagine a life where even cheap ice cream pulled from a Seven-Eleven look alike freezer loses its appeal. The scale showed another pound gone this morning, approaching seventy, maybe I can look forward to an increased appetite and more ice cream for the future. I'd could go on and on with this eating/weight blovation, but even I've become sorely tired of it. We are not totally opaque, we just seem that way, daily I'm afraid.

I repacked the various camera bags to include such things as battery chargers and the like, in case I have to go on the road long enough to need such things. I believe I'm mentioned this many too many times, but the task is close to completed. Took me twenty minutes. Well, those batteries and battery chargers. Shouldn't the batteries and chargers be kept separate so the batteries can be charged and then packed along with the chargers at the last minute? Did you think about that, my bucko?

The film cameras and the manual lenses I use with the Nikon F3, all two of them, are safely tucked away, yes, but how about film? How about marking the bags to identify their contents? How about the tripods and such in their carrying bags? How about many things, all of which would have to be considered before I picked any one of them up and headed out the door. So we're not done yet.

You do go on.

We're working on this afternoon thing. One task completed, a pat on the back. I learned the local Best Buy store will take old electronic equipment, three pieces in a day, no charge for the service. Monday, maybe? We have things to do over the weekend. Get the rest of the living room in shape? Wouldn't take much. There are things I could do today to move the project along. I can write about it. Can I do it? Really?

I believe small children often express similar sentiments. How old are you again? Are we learning why you're still single after all these years?

The photograph was taken at the San Francisco 2010 Chinese Lunar New Year Parade with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 70 - 200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VRII lens at f 2.8 at 1/200th second, ISO 640.