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March 25, 2010

Been Pretty Good
Thursday. Awoke to heavy rain, a bit of a surprise. Off to breakfast at the usual time at the usual place, back now, the sky dark grey, the rain coming in spurts. “Intermittently” I believe is the description, but the “intermittently” out there right now will get you very wet.

Later. A thirty minute plus walk through the Grand Lake theater area, setting out as some first rays of sun poked through the clouds, thinking I'd head over to the bagel shop to have a cup of coffee at a (covered) table out front, but finding the area crowded, I continued on around back home. Enough exercise for an alternately sunny and cloudy day, so we'll hang it up and see what's to be done here in the apartment to further this “get ready” phase. We're in “get ready” phase, whatever “get ready” turns out to be.

I've described the underground electrical cable project that's been underway on Grand Avenue near my apartment for over a year and they've begun digging up a section of Grand again beside the lake. I always wonder if it's necessary to dig it up, do whatever they do, fill it in and then dig it up again to add something else. Couldn't they do it all at once, dig it up, do their stuff - cables, wires, drainage pipes, water pipes - and then fill it all in when they're done?

Could be I'm not seeing what's going on, they really are taking these things into account and I'm not paying close enough attention, but I wonder. You hear much about local government, all governments, and how they handle money, you hope you're not seeing it being pissed away, even if it's being pissed on your street. Or do I digress, wander, stating the obvious?

Another picture of this guy, stretched out on his spot just after the rain had stopped. I've seen him around. He doesn't ask for money, picks up a cup of coffee now and again at a local café where I sometimes have lunch. A little clearer picture than I've taken of him in the past, he in his routine, me in mine. A street photographer meets/sees a lot of street people after a while and sometimes we take a picture.

Later still. An hour's nap, good; up now puttering around in the mid-afternoon, good; the aching sinus head thing acting up, but I've just taken the second set of the daily meds, good; maybe just take it easy for the rest of what has been, since the rain stopped this morning, a sunny day, good. Good is good.

A walk down to the local Seven-Eleven look alike for something to eat, good to have anything of an appetite, even if most everything I might find to buy doesn't have much appeal anymore. I'm not complaining, it's not something I really miss and it keeps the weight in check without particular effort. An excuse to walk by the park sign to confirm the wooden soldier and his compatriot are still gone, as indeed they were, probably the thought that tipped me over the edge and out the door.

No more Korean soaps?

Yes, I checked what they've scheduled to replace the soap I've been decrying for these last several months, carefully, of course. I've mentioned how they've snagged my ass in the past, but this one is clearly hopeless. Probably the time slot, designed for youngsters. We'll stick with the occasional Korean (and Japanese and Chinese) movie from Netflix, one or two of which have been pretty good.

The photograph was taken at Roy's on 19th in Oakland with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 50mm f 1.4 Nikkor AF lens at f 2/8 at 1/50th second, ISO 2000.