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March 8, 2013

These Evenings
Friday. Took a while to get to sleep last night after getting to bed at eleven. At least I think it did. I remember turning over and looking at the clock a number of times, one of them seeing it was half past midnight and that I'd turned seventy. Ye, gods! The number is intimidating. Out there here on the edge.

Still, up with the alarm without effort, off to breakfast and back under a clear sky and what is obviously going to be a sunny day. Hey. I'm ready. We shall go out and shoot some pictures, even if the pictures don't come easily. We'll pretend. We'll take a bus somewhere we haven't been for a while. We'll spout these crazy things and get them out of our system!

Later. A long walk over to Lakeshore and then up over the Mandana hill to the morning restaurant for Strawberry ice cream and a lemonade, hopping on a bus to ride back to the apartment. The exercise for the morning, anyway, the sky cloudy with patches of sun, the weather people saying a twenty percent chance of rain, but forecasting clear skies and better temperatures through the weekend.

Seventy years. It does occur to me that it does seem to have actually happened, but I suspect we're approaching it with caution, sniffing at the edges, not sure if it's of this world or something else entirely. Not a thought in my head at fifty that I'd ever be seventy, but then there weren't necessarily thoughts that I wouldn't. I mean I wasn't against the idea even if it did seem something out of science fiction. The elders in the family, now gone, haven't all had that much luck in their longevity.


So I suspect we're supposed to say something about it, I've said something about it, back to figure out what I'm going to do now that I'm retired. Life stumbles on. So far. And, quite honestly, so good.

Later still. A walk over to the lake, the temperature warmer, the sun out, the level of ambition flat, but no complaints. That sun, remember. Just a walk along the lake to sit on a bench for a while, no thought to take the bus downtown, a walk then back to the apartment to lie down for a while. Can't call it a nap, no sleep, just a fuzzy close the eyes and cruise for a bit. Again, no complaints.

Received a call from the sister with birthday wishes and had a chance to catch up on what's happening. She's planning on going to Iceland for three weeks with other members of the family at the end of July, not something I'm thinking of joining. Flying to Iceland is a bit more of a bridge crossing than I'm ready to contemplate quite yet. Nice scenery, from what I've seen, perfect for the photographic direction in which my sister seems to be heading. Be nice to go, but no. I don't think. Still a long time until July, though.

Just the flick of an eye.

When we're there: yes. From here: forever.

Evening. Nothing on I'm quite willing to watch. We'll wind down the birthday by going to bed, see what the morrow may bring. I may have to do something about these evenings.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco 2006 Gay Pride Parade with a Nikon D2X mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR Nikkor lens.