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March 19, 2013

For This Evening
Tuesday. For all my talking about several recent clear headed no ocular days, I found yesterday's entry unusually incomprehensible this morning when I returned to the apartment. Clearer headed has obviously not led to clearer writing. So we spent quite a bit of time trying to salvage it both before and then after returning from this morning's haircut.


I've been thinking (but obviously not very clearly) of making changes, do something about the journal. I'm not so much concerned with the side spliting daily excitement packed into each and every missive as I am about the wandering clarity and rhythm. So we're contemplating doing something about it. But what? All this tomorrow, of course. Or the year after. It may well take months to move in another direction.

Later. A nap. Maybe not quite enough sleep. Still, although I was wondering if something ocular-like wasn't sneaking up on me as I was walking along Broadway this morning on the way to the haircut, so far no ocular interventions. Another clear day to add to the string.

I couldn't think of anything I'd eat at the morning cafe so I walked up the nearby drive-in to bring home a steak sandwich. They make a decent steak sandwich. Some television news now while I look over at the guitar. More guitar. Guitar on the brain. Without the guitar and breakfast at the morning café to add structure to my life I'd probably just stay in bed, fading away into some kind of ocular slumber.

You talked about yesterday going badly. You're heading into the same mess with this today.

I am. At least I can recognize it. The head is clearer in the mornings, though, we'll wait for then to edit.

Evening. Another Maigret I've seen before, have no idea how it plays out or who done the evil deed. There's another Korean program unfolding on the Korean channel that I've found interesting, the same examination of culture (from my standpoint), but more business, start out in the world culture, combined with the ever present change to the family structure culture in this one. I'm assuming it's a reasonably current Korean program. I will watch it, see if I want to watch the Maigret later when it plays again at nine.

Still the clear head, but overshadowed somewhat by the aching sinuses, upper teeth and palate. A double dose of the pain meds, but still present. A thought to try a shot or two of whiskey to see if adding it to the pain meds did the trick, but we're off alchohol for the while, no need to experiment.

You still have whiskey in the apartment?

Half a bottle of Jack Daniels, sitting where it's been sitting now for weeks since deciding to stop for the ocular migraine connection. A test of sorts, I suspect, one you usually lose. Then again not much of a test as it's been unusual to even think about it, remember it's presence.

Except for this evening.

Well, except for this evening.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco Saint Patrick's Day Parade with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.