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March 28, 2013

Wild California Woods
Thursday. To bed before ten again last night, who knows when I got to sleep, but no later I'd guess than I have on any other night I've gotten to bed at a decent hour. Up with the alarm easily enough, off to breakfast and back on a grey cloud covered morning, the ground wet from what must have been a very light rain. Not looking good, but you never know what might come later. The weather people say a 30% chance of rain with a similarly problematic looking weekend.

Yesterday's entry was a mess and I ended up making corrections, posting it, and then making more corrections and posting them again some half dozen times. Beginner's stuff, thought I'd gotten through all that. Fuzzy head. Better to focus on the pictures maybe, easier to bluff yourself and an audience.

Bad Prop!

We use a “Good Prop, Bad Prop” approach in all our interrogations.

Later. Overcast through the morning, but the temperature is good, so a walk to lunch (grilled cheese, ice cream and lemonade) out on the patio and then a walk over the hill on Mandana to the ATM, leaving lunch with but a quarter in the pocket. No complaints, the bank recognized my debit card, no red lights, no buzzers.

None of the dry mouth-ocular symptoms, which is good. The sinuses and upper palate were acting up a bit more after lunch, maybe something to do with what I'd eaten, and I'd been experiencing some of the double vision quirks since leaving the apartment. I don't consider the slight double vision episodes to be ocular related as that odd looking sparkly edged spot when you close your eyes wasn't present.

Today's every now and then slight double vision events accompanying the walking were much like what happens when you bump into something, where the eyes lose track for less than a second, where the ocular nerve or the eye or whatever it is has been jarred. More a blink than anything else. Without the other attending symptoms it doesn't impede progress.

But worrying?

Hell no. It's a step up without all the other crap.

Later still. Sun this afternoon. Good. Good to see. Maybe more tomorrow. Pretty much stayed inside and futzed with the computer this afternoon followed by picking up the guitar around four. Dinner is now done and it's close to five, we're ready for the evening, one way or another.

Evening. Watched the Korean spy young dude shoot 'em up as I futzed with the guitar. Chord changes and finger picking, the tip of the pinky finger is cool now after a couple of days hammering, the other fingers have long since been through the mill.

To bed early, I think. Nothing on television, enough on the guitar. Not a bad day, but I'm looking forward to longer days as we enter spring. To say we're in rut is a vast understatement, comfortable as it may seem, so see if we can't get something going next month, maybe even drive across a bridge.

And into the wild California woods?

And into the wild California woods.

The photo up top was taken at the Oakland Running Festival with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.