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March 31, 2013

Not A Bad Day
Easter Sunday. To bed just after ten, having watched all four of the House episodes last night, the story line changing in a novel way, so it sucked me in. Odd series, but it does occasionally make me wonder about the people who pitched this to a network, the network that said yes and the writer or writers who invented the damned thing. I assume it was or is popular, since a station is running old chapters throughout a Sunday evening along with the various popular CSI serial killer look alikes that fill the other nights of the week.

Anyway, to sleep soon enough and then awakening just before the alarm, half forgetting this was Easter Sunday and my morning restaurant might be opening an hour later than usual. Turned out fine, they were open and I had breakfast, but sometimes I allow these little things to get lost in the shuffle, showing up at the wrong hour for a parade, for example, although I haven't yet fouled up enough to arrive on the wrong day.

A steady rain as I was driving to the restaurant, some sun as I was leaving, hard to say where the rest of this day will go. So far, so good, from my standpoint. Yesterday as a kind of funky (happens, now and again, as you get older?) day, followed now by (what I hope) is an up day, good for doing something other than crabbing and napping.

Later. Chance of thunder storms, 60% chance of precipitation, so say the weather people as I headed out for a walk this morning to find sun and not too many clouds. So maybe the rain and the storm spent themselves last night, the storm moving more quickly to the east than expected. Maybe. We'll know soon enough. Can't see to the west from my apartment.

Anyway, I say a walk, but not much of a walk. Over to the lake to take a picture or two, the temperature reasonable, not all that many people out and about for a weekend morning. I suspect they're all in church. One would hope, here in Oakland.

The attitude remains quite good, it's approaching eleven, not many places to go I'd imagine on an Easter Sunday. But again, the day has started well.

Later still. I've been playing this new Stephen Stills compilation, first last night and now though the morning, slipping in one or two other cuts from other players of the period. I wasn't sure I wanted the thing - four CD's, most everything he's ever done - but now after listening I realize it was probably a good purchase.

I don't play any of the old (and pretty much none of the new) music anymore compared to how much I listened to it from the late sixties into the seventies. No television set then, but an exotic Sony component stereo system bought in Japan while in the army for about half what it would have cost here in the States and even then it was really expensive. Probably one of the best purchases I've ever made. I/we played it then through the day and well into the evenings.

Now it brings back a kind of jittery feeling. I'd say nostalgic, maybe that's a good term, but it puts me somewhat on edge as if there were things happening, things about to happen and one needed to be ready, one needed to jump with the program. Not altogether comfortable, not totally uncomfortable. Brings back those times, memories of one woman in particular whom I first learned last month had succumbed to breast cancer sixteen years ago. But that's another story.

Or the same story.

Well, maybe so, part of the anticipatory, jittery thing. But again, playing it last night and now through the morning, going through the old lp's, remembering how much and often they were once played. Probably best to switch back to the news. Tales of death and financial destruction are less upsetting, more calming in this decade old new century.

Evening. Guitar and television, I watched the French wine expert detective at six mixing it with with the chords from Wild Horses, followed by a Netflix movie set in Seattle I suspect I've seen before, but have no memory of the plot or how it's resolved. Maybe best to bed as it approaches ten. Not a bad day, I'd say, with or without the rain.

The photo up top was taken by Lake Merritt of a small (two, three inch) plant stem hovering in the breeze, tethered by a spider web strand by Lake Merritt with a manually focused Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-70mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.