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Here In Oakland

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March 1, 2016

Like A Light

Tuesday. To bed not long after eight to turn the lights out after nine, getting an uneven, but decent night's sleep. I think. Up at six. Awakening a couple of times before six, but radio on, up and out of bed at six, clear headed and feeling good.

OK, checked the car battery that had been left charging overnight and it looks close to finished, having taken a good twenty-four hours to charge. We'll disconnect the thing and pack it up after we get back from our cardiologist's appointment at one. The new cardiologist. The change is somewhat unsettling, but all change seems to some degree unsettling anymore. We'll soon resettle. We usually do.

A good walk to and from breakfast on another clear morning, the energy good, the head clear. We repeat this clear headed thing, but we're watching pretty closely after our three days or so of feeling tired and wondering what was going on with the world.

Pretty damned crappy picture of that pandorea flower, though.

I noticed. We'll do better tomorrow. Less hurry, more thought.

Later. Three in the afternoon and the car battery is still charging, although it's closer to being done. I think. A bus at noon to Broadway and then a walk to the new cardiologist's office, the blood pressure coming in at 108 over 68. Normally I'd run something like 130 over say 90 at a doctor's office as visiting a doctor's office tends to jack it up. Home now and it reads 113 over 75, about what it's usually read at home in the past. Is all this tiredness business due to low blood pressure?

You're going around in circles here you know.

True. We'll let it go. Walking along Broadway to the cardiologist's office I felt some of the tiredness symptoms coming back. Nothing too over the top, just, you know, recognizable and getting me wondering if they might get worse. Coming home I took a bus from the doctor's office to the Broadway ATM, had a tuna sandwich and diet Coke at the Subway and then took another bus to the apartment. Didn't want to walk any distance, didn't want to gamble with any more of this tiredness stuff.

Evening. The Super Tuesday elections, of course. Mr. Trump and Ms. Clinton. Ah, well. Still feeling the Bern.

To bed not long after eight to check the returns on the tablet as they came in, otherwise lights out after nine. What do they say about this month? In like a lion, out like a lamb? Tonight I'll settle for out like a light.

The photo up top was taken Saturday at the downtown Oakland March for Bernie 2 with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.