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May 1, 2010

Need To Chill
Saturday. Ah, yes, May Day. It was once celebrated here in the States, May poles and all that, until the godless commies took it up big time as their own birthday event and we, naturally, couldn't stomach celebrating a day that might then be perceived as a godless commie holiday. Or something like that.

They're celebrating the opening of the new renovated Oakland museum today starting at eleven and I was thinking of photographing it. There are also demonstrations against the godless commie Arizona anti-immigrant legislation they signed into law this last week - San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose - but I think I'll pass. Photographing a crowd at a museum seems better for a May Day adventure, godless commies or not.

And breakfast?

Ah yes, breakfast. How could I start this without a detailed discussion of breakfast? Arrived at six-thirty, read the paper, had coffee, left before eight. I was the only customer in the dining area although others came through at the front and bought coffee and breakfast entries and such to go. They seem to get a good crowd later in the morning, people with more sensible weekend sleeping habits than mine, people who were up having fun last night, so maybe my being the one lone customer doesn't say they aren't keeping their heads above water in this financial crisis.

So soon enough we'll see how this museum opening goes and if I manage to show up.

Later. A bus and then a walk to the Oakland museum to arrive just as they were getting started with the speeches. A desultory picture or two, a nod of the head to the two policemen stationed at one end of the blocked off street. There's a certain element of “challenge” in taking a policeman's picture if you haven't asked them first, so we nod our head nicely to show them we're good little residents without any, um, tricks up our sleeves.

Mayor Dellums, Congresswoman Lee and a bunch of others talked about the sixty million spent on the renovation and how good that was and how nice that was before two women hanging by ropes danced against the side of the building. Which was a nice touch, I thought, not having seen such before. And then they let everyone in.

I was tired by then and quite easily talked myself into leaving saying I'd return later today or tomorrow during this open house weekend and walked back to the City Center and then on to peek in Bakesale Betty's, pretty pooped by then, let me tell you. Was it open? I think it was, but I kept on to catch the bus at the stop just down their block.

You were tired.

I was tired.

So I've had my walk for the day, walk enough for two or three days from the way I feel at the moment, the afternoon ahead. Maybe go out and get something to eat after a nap. Civilized idea, naps. I understand Spanish culture has its hands around this, naps in the afternoon throughout the week, keeps their attitudes adjusted and their heads on straight.

Later still. I am tired from that walk. No complaints, does me good, I haven't been getting out with the bum knee in a while, but writing this is resulting in gibberish. Need to chill.

The photograph was taken of a portion of a mural in a parking lot at Grand and Euclid in Oakland with a Nikon D3s mounted with an 85mm f 1.4 Nikkor D lens at f 8 at 1/640th second, ISO 200.