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May 22, 2010

Take A Breather
Saturday. Beautiful morning, have to say that, the air cool and crystal clear early on my way to and from breakfast. Have no idea where I'll go later this morning, but that's my usual state, decide on the run. The farmer's market will be packed, maybe a picture or two there, the lake area will be full of people on a day like this, maybe another picture or two, and I'd be enthusiastic about it if I hadn't spent so many hours walking through the farmer's market and down the sidewalks that lead to so many places I've been to before.

I realize this is but the moment's snit, experienced by all, repeated so often by me. We're clearing the sleep from our head and starting the various engines that run the ship, we're not exactly here yet. I'd have exactly the same thoughts were I to move to another place, no matter how exotic, after I've had a month to settle in. Well, two months. So no complaints, really, just acting out, being stupid. It's a Saturday after all.

Later. A quick walk, still quite early so the crowds hadn't quite formed to the size they will in another hour, dropping the photos off at the post office across from the farmer's market. Still less than a mile round trip. Another “hey take my picture” under the highway 580 overpass next to the market coming home, the first photograph blurry as the camera was set for bright sun, but still probably the best of the three I took, the last two adjusted, in focus and too posed. Still, a good omen. The path around the lake beginning to fill as I passed by on the way home. It's still before ten, the post office walk not enough to count as a day's walk, an event of some sort starting soon over across the way from Whole Foods. Maybe a walk in that direction soon.

Later again. OK. We've done our walking. We are home now in the early afternoon with no outdoor ambitions for the rest of the day. I did go by the Community Paint Day event being held at a local school hidden up behind a church across from the Whole Foods Market on Harrison. Which will mean nothing to anyone reading this unless they're familiar with the area. And even then, when I say hidden up behind a church, I mean hidden.

I've lived in the area for the last ten years at least and I didn't know it was there, although I'd passed a line of picketing teachers at the entrance on the day the teachers went out on strike to protest budget cuts and realized there must be a school of some kind up behind them. Turns out there is. A nice school, from the look of it, and there were younger student looking people painting on big pieces of paper over to one corner of a parking lot, so I assumed I'd found it. One of them asked if I'd like paints and brushes and I said this is my tool, holding out the camera. Hmm. “Tool.” Sounds more than a bit Freudian.

Walking back I remembered I had two prescriptions waiting for me downtown and, although I was more than a bit tired, I hopped a bus, picked them up and returned here to the apartment buzzed and in need of a nap. Buzzed and in need of a nap usually ends with a nap and a decision to stay inside for the rest of the day, even when the day is as nice and bright as this one. Maybe walk down to the Grand Lake theater to see a movie later, although the only one showing I haven't seen is Robin Hood and I'm not sure Robin Hood has what it takes to get me out of the apartment. But we wander, I wander, on a sunny afternoon. Maybe best to take a breather.

The photograph was taken at the San Francisco 2010 How Weird Street Festival with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 70 - 200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens at f 5.6 at 1/400th second, ISO 200.