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May 27, 2010

I've Been Gone
Thursday. Ah, the fine madness of retirement living. I skipped setting the alarm last night thinking, if I've been so tired these last two days, maybe a little more sleep would help and managed to sleep in for an additional fifteen minutes. Ms. Emmy seems to get jumpy if I go off her feeding schedule, but even with her early restlessness, that's about what I had in me, needing but another fifteen minutes. Still, to bed at ten, who knows when I actually dropped off, how many hours I may have gotten in?

Back now, of course, from breakfast. We do not skip our breakfast, the sun poking through the clouds (and there are plenty of clouds). Still, a chance yet for sun later today is the thought (without any evidence other than hope) and thereby a chance for a decent walk. The head is OK, I'm not as tired as I've been, we'll see how things evolve. That framed picture project, for example? How might it progress? You don't want to hear? Well, I can't blame you for that. Still, the pieces are laid out nicely on the framing table in the living room, it does looks like someone is doing something, I'm just not sure who that someone is.

Later. A walk down to the bus stop, the wind picking up, little gusts that make you think “storm front”: the clouds, dark in the distance, supporting my thoughts. Had I brought the plastic bag I normally carry folded up in my back pocket for the camera should the rain start? No. Was I wearing a rain proof jacket? No. Then what in the hell was I doing at this bus stop?

After returning to the apartment, after futzing around for a bit doing this and that, I got into a proper warm and rubberized jacket, put a plastic bag into my back pocket, snapped a 50mm lens onto the camera to keep it to a reasonable size, headed down to the lobby and opened the door to the building. Oh. Rain. We and our walks are dead for the moment, no doubt about it.

Later still. Hopeless, my idea of giving up on surfing Internet news and spending my time more profitably with better pursuits. Reading books. Doing dope. I'll invent a nice set of all purpose reasons to justify my behavior if this habit holds as it has. Still looks bad outside, but I'm seeing a glimmer of light in the clouds to the west and to the south, maybe a break will come later this afternoon and I'll get outside. I think the need for a daily walk supersedes the need to surf the net, but not by much. Not by much.

Later indeed. A walk. Yes, there was a break, clearly a danger the break wouldn't last, but the intrepid photographer set forth, taking a picture at the bus stop, the sky dicey. A walk then after getting off the bus at an earlier than my normal stop, walking over to Telegraph and entering Frank Ogawa Plaza from the south, the sun now bright and the air clear, a picture just to celebrate. Another of the entrance to City Hall, the tile work leading into it catching my eye; again, the recent rain and clear air making the difference.

You may, as I, have been overly excited by the chancy nature of this sally forth into the damp, so I, as perhaps you might have, decided to stop at the Madrid Café for coffee and a chocolate muffin; to sit back and contemplate the nuances of such journeys through life: of setting forth resolutely, into a chancy light. A walk farther on after down Broadway, turning right onto Grand, waiting on a bus home here to the apartment; the day well along, the curiosity fired: what's happened in the news these last two hours that I've been gone??!!

The photograph was taken at the Oakland California Museum reopening at the beginning of this month with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 70 - 200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens at f 8 at 1/1400th second, ISO 200.